Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Second Annual Summer Blog Party `08!

I' ve been at the Oregon coast for the Summer Blog Party `08. 15 women, 2 vans, one Impala, and a beach house. I am bad, I mean, really bad at the recap. All I can say is that a good time was had by all. Here are a few pictures.

This is where we stayed.

This is what we saw.

When bloggers get together, it's like Christmas. This is what I gave to the bloggers. They didn't survive the plan ride in my suitcase too well. Most of the beads fell off. Downer!

Multnomah Falls

It wasn't a one woman blog convention, there were other bloggers there, but I have to get their permission before I can post their photos. Some bloggers like to keep their identities super secrety if you know what I mean.


  1. Great Pictures ; )

    I love the little video clip of the falls--great job. I never think to do that.

    It was great fun meeting you, annie. My little glasses fit great. Actually, suzanne and I wore ours when we were flying home so the beads wouldn't fall off ; )

  2. I love the little gift you made them! So cute!

    Yay for fun blog parties! :)

  3. It was lovely to meet you Annie! I'm so glad I was able to come to Summer Blog Party 2008!

  4. I had a comment to leave. AND it was a good one. But commentboxophobia has hit me again and I can no longer think of anything fun or witty to say soooo...I'll just say hi.


  5. WOW, how much fun is that???!!! Party on!

  6. It was fun to be with you again! Love ya! :)

  7. uh huh. sure. I bet you were the only one there.

  8. YAY!! It's ANNIE!! WOO HOO!!!

    I ♥ you. Thank you for thinking about our eyes.

  9. It was so much fun getting to see you again, Annie! (And your beautiful hair too!) Your goggles were awesome! :)

  10. OH MY GOSH! I am soooo jealous.

    What do I gotta do to get an invite?!?!

  11. 13 years ago when Shazzy was hiking the Falls, he came across a dead female body. The coroner's office determined that her body had been held under the water for over a month, and by the time she was I don't know what, her body surfaced at the time he happened by.
    Just a little tidbit for ya. Aren't you glad I wasn't there to tell that true story? Your video would've been much more morose, ya know?
    Wish I could've been there! Smooch!

  12. Gasp! What a story elizabeth! Yikes!

    It was so great to finally meet the famous Annie and her famous hair. ;) Thanks for the great goggles. You are so sweet to think of protecting our eyes.

  13. You and that van make a gorgeous couple!;)

    I love the beach house and the ocean and the beautiful falls! :)

    WOW! Blingy goggles! Those are fantabulous! :D

  14. How fun. I want to be there. It looks so wonderful. Love the Water Fall. Can't wait to see more photos and read more about your trip.

  15. Here's a funny story. I wore my goggles and modeled them for the family as soon as I got home. I used them to hand out my treasures to them. Mr. thought I was weird. My girls thought they were da bomb and now I have to keep Tree Monkey from snagging them. I am pretty sure that Monkey Wrench won't touch them, but I can wear them when we work on wood projects together.


    Loved meeting you. You are fabulous. Your hair is gorgeous and you know how to have a fun time!

    I'm trying to post my pics. My puter is being sooooooooooooo slow.

  16. I have about 3 regrets and one is not taking pictures with our supah pretty googles :(

    I love the pictures of Haystack Rock and the seagulls.

    Your hair looks lovely!

  17. It looks like a GREAT time was had by all!
    You have the ability to make fun wherever you are!
    That's cool.

  18. I had to wear the protective goggles to keep from being blinded by the amazing sheen bouncing off of Annie's hair!


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