Monday, December 1, 2008

My Twilight Review and Aubrey says...

It's been over a week since I saw "Twilight." I've seen two other movies since then ("Bolt" and "Australia"). My interest in writing a review has waned to the point that I am boring myself just typing this. But, seeing that it is a mandatory requisite in Blogland, I'll do it, but I'm going to keep my review short and sassy.

I think it was great to be in a theater with a bunch of fans. I loved that the group of 13 year olds behind me squealed when Edward came on the screen. One yelled out, "I love you, Edward!"

An older, obviously more jaded fan responded, "Get over it, Honey."

I liked the "movie." Was it great cinema? No. But it sure was a fan pleaser.

My problem was that the intensity between Bella and Edward was turned up to a 10 from the very beginning. The intensity had no chance to build.

I will say that I was pleased with Bella and Edward's onscreen chemistry. Their still shots did nothing for me, but Edward, live and in action, has a charisma that is undeniable, even for this Jacob fan.

Will I see the sequels? Did Jasper look constipated? The answer is, oh yeah!


Aubrey said, in her characteristic lower case style:

"i was just thumbing through the new VS catalog
and thought they should change these
from the boyfriend pajama
to the bella pajama.
frumpy flannel pjs?
don't they remind you of bella?"

I agree with Aubrey on changing the name from the "boyfriend pajama" to the "bella pajama." I don't know any self-respecting man under the age of 75 who would wear those.

"Look, Grandpa, I got you some new pajamas. I'll put them in your top drawer so the nurse will know where to find them."

Grandpa unable to voice his displeasure due to the stroke, wets his bed in defiance.


  1. I liked it too. It was definitely a fan pleaser.

    But I thought the look on Jasper's face was more like he was trying to keep himself from passing gas.

  2. Hear, hear on your review. Hopefully they take some of the criticism they received for this movie and make it better for the next.

    I was pleased with how closely they followed the book. Unfortunately, some of the dialogue just didn't translate on screen.

  3. Yes...Movie Edward is charismatic. Love him.

    How did I not know you were a Jacob fan?

  4. Still haven't seen it yet.

    Only 9 more days :)

  5. That last line is fantastic!

    Who gives a rip about was Australia??

  6. As goofy as Twilight (the movie) was, I'll be buying it the day it comes out. Goofy Edward Movie is better than No Edward Movie.

    Thanks for gritting your teeth and writing your review for us. :)

  7. I think even my sister who did not like reading twilight, would like the movie... purely for the fact you couldn't hear what bella was thinking the whole time.

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  8. I just bought my husband some flannel, plaid pjs for Christmas. I need to rethink this gift since we share a bed.

  9. I haven't had a chance to see Twilight yet, but look forward to hopefully seeing it soon. I told my hubby that all I wanted for my b-day was to see the movie, so hopefully soon.

  10. I thought it was fun- cheesy, yet fun.
    I can't stand Bella though. Her acting bugged.

  11. hey, i didnt' know you were a jacob fan either. sweet. and poor grandpa wetting the bed because of the ugly pajamas.

    i am seeing the movie again tonight with about 50 girlfriends. okay, maybe not that many..i will have to count. but close. then again tomorrow night with another bunch. i agree it wasn't a fantastic, oscar worthy film but it was definitely entertaining and i look forward to seeing it again.

    p.s. how was australia? THAT i really want to see. hello hugh jackman. yum.

  12. I took my niece and her friend to Twilight. Her little friend was so excited she was hyperventilating. Talk about fan-atisism!

    MJ in GJ

  13. "Grandpa unable to voice his displeasure due to the stroke, wets his bed in defiance."

    Holy Hilarious!!! I just about wet myself due to dying of laughter!!!

    Good review of flannel pajamas's ad. This was a movie review? Whaaa? No way. I missed that part:)

  14. I'm on "Team Charlie." He was the best in Twilight. Did you see Stephenie Meyer's cameo? And what's with Robert Pattinson? Aren't there any cuter young boys to play the part of Edward... you know, like Zac Effron?

  15. I <3 Twilight. Cheesy, but I still luff it!

    I <3 Edward/RPattz.

    I was not aware that you were a member of Team Jacob either.

    Those bella pj's are the epitome of sexay.

    I feel bad for poor gramps,but I am cracking up at that line!

  16. I know I am pretty much in the minority. But I didn't read the Anne Rice books either. I don't know, I'm more of a romance type of girl. I just got done reading "Under The Tuscan Sun." Now I'm even more convinced that I must be Italian even though I know I'm Scandinavian.

  17. Ok - When are you giving your review on the movie "Austrailia" - will check back for that.

  18. I think Gramps would prefer a set of Denver Bronco sweats.

  19. Dittos on your review.

    Agree that the pjs name should be changed. Are we starting a petition to get it changed? :)

  20. Boyfriend pajamas.
    Yeah, I want 3 of those!

    *Rolls eyes*

  21. I didn't do a Twilight review...if something is considered mandatory, you can be sure I will refuse to comply! ;)

    I enjoyed your review, and I agree with you...except that I am not a Jacob fan! :)

    I am sitting here at this very moment, wearing my red flannel jammies that are the spitting image of the ones in the catalog. I love them! But I'm old. :D


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