Saturday, March 13, 2010

Put on these stinky shoes and put your fingers in these holes where other peoples fingers have been.

I can't stand bowling, but I love my kids. So, when Mini Me asked if we could go bowling for her birthday, I put on my big girl pants and went. It may look like I am having a good time in the pictures, but I'm not. I'm just good a faking it.
After bowling we went to Coldstone Creamery. My complaint about this place is that they don't have enough seating for you to sit down and enjoy the ice cream you patiently waited in line for and then spent what you would pay for 3 Blizzards to get. I was more than halfway finished when I we finally got to sit down so close to the table next to us that I could smell the malodorousness of the patron next to me. Ahhh..nothing like the combo of sweat and strawberries and an exciting game of booowling.


  1. Wii bowling is much more hygienic.

  2. You are truly a good Mom to sacrifice so much for your kids!

  3. We do mre Wii bowling around here, but i will go to a bowling alley. I just pretend that the shoes are mine and the bowling ball can be sanitized with hand sanitizer.

    I agree that ColdStone needs more seating. With ice cream that good you need to savor it slowly whilst sitting down and visiting with friends.

  4. I'm with you on the "Joy" of bowling-there is none. But you get Mommy points for it!
    Love the new coif!!

  5. You a good Momma to sacrifice so much!

  6. haha. oh dear..i'm so sorry you don't like bowling.

    personally, i think it's ok, it's the cost that bothers me. i'd rather stay home and play wii bowling for FREE then go and fork out 30-50 bucks to bowl a couple of games. lame.

    and ditto on the coldstone cost of a cone. paul lo-oves that place but give me a break. not worth it.

  7. We were just discussing tomorrow night's FHE! I suggested goofy golf and Hubby Man suggested bowling (ugh!)...Zach Face voted for goofy golf, YAY! :)

  8. You make bowling sound so fun and clean. Not at all icky. ;)

    I rock at bowling! *when I play it on facebook*

    I agree about Coldstone. They definitely needs more chairs.

  9. I haven't caught a single thing from Wii bowling.

    LOVING the hair!

  10. Dream bowling is the most clean. I win.

    Your hair is so beautiful Annie. it should be named a National Treasure. SAM should get some insurance it or something.
    Just sayin'.


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