Friday, March 19, 2010

"Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"

...but we earned them anyway. My boys were awarded their Webelo badges last night. Their Arrow of Light is just some First Aid and a couple of camp-outs away. I'm a proud den mother.

Before my boys were born, I didn't think about what it would be like to be a mother to boys. But after three years of cub scouting, managing a soccer team, coaching a basketball team, and more conversations about Pokem*n, Digim*n, and Bakug*n than I would care to have...I can tell you that being a mother to boys is wonderful. I cry on my keyboard thinking about how proud I am of them. As they inch closer and closer to being taller than me, I grow in respect and awe of the kind of young men they are becoming.

A brownie badge for anyone who can tell me where the title quote comes from.


  1. Okay now that that is over with... I know how much work goes into those darn Webelos badges. Since I am the Webelos leader as well. All my boys finished their requirements on Wednesday and we are really close to getting the Arrow of Light and the Religious Knot.

    I had no clue how much was involved in scouting!


  2. "Beverly Hills, what a thrill!"

    I have two boys and I'm really dreading the whole scout thing. Aaahh!

    But I AM excited to be proud of my boys lik you are of yours!

  3. I think it's from Troop Beverly Hills, but I never saw Blazing Saddles. Come to think of it she said "patches" instead of "badges" in that one.

    I've been waiting for a shot of your new 'do. Love it.

  4. Hooray! :)

    I think Scouting is the best thing EVER for joke!

  5. In my life I know I had at least two prayers answered. Both times I was pg I prayed for a girl. I am scared to death of merit badges.
    You are an awesome mom :)

  6. Here's a Daily Sentinel colleague wishing you congrats on your boys' achievements Annie. (The honor is partly yours too. The Den Mother is always underappreciated.)

    I hope one day your sons will look back on their Webelo days with the same amount of fondness that I do with mine. (Wearing the uniform to school was SO COOL.) Anyways, it's a great organization that helps develop young boys into decent, responsible men. (Me being the exception.)

    Again, congrats. (I'd write out the word "congratulations," but I never remember if it's spelled with a "d" or a "t.")


  7. Brownie badge for Tibs!

    I'm glad to hear you full-heartedly endorse scouting, Nancy.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that no young man who has earned his Eagle has ever been homeless and if he was, he knew how to pitch a tent, scavenge for food, and make a fire without matches. All desireable skillz in the hobo camp.

    Thanks, Steve B. I liked your column on asparagus.

  8. From a mom with 2 Eagle Badges I applaud your work!!!!

    I love the quote by the way. I just barely got home from a dance competition so I am late getting to the blog reading. I know, I know. What else is new? This is my life as the mom of daughters since my sons don't live here anymore. I'm not sure I could've kept up with both right now. But it's great!!!

  9. i still don't know what all that pokemon and digimon stuff is. it confuses me and i don't understand the lure and why it has stuck around for SO long.

    your boys are so cute and you three look so proud. yay for the merit badges. and for being a mom to two boys, i love that you're glamorous {i had to listen to fergie in my head in order to spell that right} and glitzy as opposed to soccer mom-y. love it!

  10. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

    -- from a former Cub Scout (before most of youse was borned!)

  11. All boys should be required to attend Boy Scouts! I've also said to my husband that his mama should have made him serve in the military so he could have learned a few domestic tips:) Kudos to you for being such an awesome mama!

  12. Although, we weren't bit on scouting (regret), I have to say that being the mother of boys is the ultimate privilege! I promise it gets better and better!

    PS - you are HOT in your scout shirt!

  13. Unable to give you a heart. so have a reply to push up your post. ........................................

  14. Here you are at the end of webelos, & I will start the program again in the fall. I am actually looking forward to having a son in scouts again.

  15. I was going to guess "Video Wars". Actually that was a family movie we shot 10 years ago and one of our boys used that line ; )

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being the mom of boys. ENJOY each and every minute of it. I love the sports, the scouting, the video games--all of it. Congratulations to you and your boys.


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