Friday, July 6, 2007

"Like, fer sure!" * Good Mail Report * Product Endorsement *

I've been nominated for "Head Cheerleader," over at An Island Life for Kailani's Bloggy Hoss Elections.
First response, "I didn't know b.'s husband had a blog."
Actually I was never a cheerleader, I was a pom pon girl, but...whatever... right?!
I am nominated with the Behemoth of Giveaways, 5 Minutes for Mom, (no linkie for you, sister, you don't need it). So, you do the math, because I can't! "Rah-Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah!"
Thanks to whichever one of you dollies nominated me. As a gift to you, I will do your hair for Homecoming. I know. That is what makes me so nice.
Good Mail Report: Thank you Carrot (Cute message on the box), PJ (I've carried the lip balm in my front pocket ever since), Mom2Princess (My carpet appreciates the invisible Kool-Aid), JeanKnee (Love Jean Knee and her polka dots!), & Chel (Mike & Ikes eaten before pictured.)
Product Endorsement: I've already written too much and my brain is getting tired. Try Hershey's Whole Bean Chocolate for chocolate enjoyment with a little less guilt. Too good to share with the kids.
I am having hard time getting my pictures to do what I want them to do. Maybe I need to invite some of those pimply-faced future billionaires from Technology Club to come over and help me. Darn it, that means I will have to record TRL.


  1. You'll get my vote. 5 minutes is a good blog, but too big and impersonal for my tastes. You've got what it takes girly!

  2. Congrats on your nomination! You've got my vote too, fer sure!

  3. It's YOUR soing Annie! :D

    Congrats on the nomination, I'm so voting for you. You shooul dbe like the Blog Prom Queen, but whatever.
    The chocolate: it's so yummy. DH bought me one before he left for camp, he said "please promise you won't look at the nutrition facts".

    I did. =:O

  4. How exciting to get nominated! Oh, and your hair looked just as good then as it does now. Are you going to leave a lifetime legacy of good hair??? Enjoy your chocolate! :D

  5. I have this sudden compulsion to tell you that I'd love you even if you had dread-locks.

    Just so you know. =P

  6. back again.....last time I was here I'm not sure the Wicked song was up yet! :) Cool addition! Although my dd just saw the show, downloaded the album on iTunes and I've heard this song 1,568 times in the last 3 days!!!!

  7. Marcia! Marcia! marcia!

    I mean, Annie!! Annie! Annie!!

  8. Congrats on the nomination :) You've got my vote - and I love the song choice!

  9. I promise that box was not crushed when I sent it.

  10. Like, YOU GO GIRL! I am soooo voting for ye!

  11. Payney, you are prettier now than you were 20 years ago! How is that humanly possible?? :D

  12. I'll Rock the Vote....doesn't that sound good and green?

  13. So cool annie. can I be the head cheer writer? okay here goes

    Annie, Annie
    she's the one
    vote for her and when she's done
    she'll blog about it

    that blew, try again

    Annie, Annie cute and sweet
    When you win we'll smell your feet

    Yeah, I know I'm fired, but I am so votin for you baby!

  14. When they come up with a Miss Split Ends category, I'll totally rock it!

    How is it possible that you're still cute nearly 20 years later?!!!? Are you the Annie That Time Forgot?

  15. Annie, Annie she's the one
    read her blog, its loads of fun!

  16. I voted for you just solely based on the power of your lip gloss. Cause your lip gloss is cool! Your lip gloss be poppin!

  17. 18 of us have voted for you, but we still need more votes.

    Vote Anniethology 2007.
    Do it for Timeless Beauty.

  18. b.'s husband is soooooo not into blogging. I can barely get him to read mine, let alone have one of his own.

  19. Tee Hee! I NOMINATED you!!! And I'm stoked you made the list!

  20. I voted for you.....and for the record, she did Rock as a Pom-pon girl! They only let you vote once though....doesn't seem fair. You can be my head cheerleader anytime!

  21. Yayyy on the Good Mail!

    Thanks so much for the postcard. I love knowing another CO blogger too!

  22. Congrats. More good mail coming your way!


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