Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying to Get my Blogging Mojo back.

It's amazing how hard it is for me to get back into the swing of things. I have blogged almost daily for over a year. I take a few days off and I feel like I am going in slow-mo. Any advice?
I have a Little Writer in my brain that is always telling me what to post next. (Think Ratatouille, but instead of a rat let's picture a cute little pixie with a medium point, black ink pen.) My Little Writer needs to be informed that I am back in the saddle, er... uh, my office chair and I am ready for a little inspiration. So until she gets off her lazy little tutu and tells me what to write,
I will write you about Good Mail! Thank you Allison, Dedee, Awesome Mom, Polly, and Kate for the gorgeous Good Mail I have received lately. If you have sent me something and I have forgotten to mention you, please forgive me, the top of my desk is a disaster right now. Your little cards and goodies give me something to smile about after walking to the mailbox in 100 degree weather. Whew!

Someone is getting this and this!

Hintity hint. One is in Washington and the other is in Texas. Similar packages are also going out to Arizona and Mississippi! Yeah for Good Mail Girls!

If you want to be a part of the Good Mail Movement e-mail Tori, Melissa, or RibbonRockstar to join their ever growing address lists!
*** Clickety Here to wish my dad, Big Rich, a very Happy Birthday!***


  1. "Hintity Hint"

    You said 'tity!' :)

    Hey, I live in Texas! I'm going to ignore the fact that there are millions of other Texans you may be sending something to, and that Hello Kitty is actually winding her way down to ME!

  2. I really like your Good Mail Tree. Or is it bush? Bushy tree?
    Annie has a host of WA peeps to send those little cuties to. Because she's loved everywhere she goes. That's a fact.
    You mojo never leaves you my dear :)

  3. Well, I live in Washington, however so do a couple hundred other people. I'm guessing NCS because she's sucking u...er...such a nice person.

  4. I see a tug-o-war beginning... =P

  5. E.W.- What a great idea! I'll take requests!

  6. I have something for you to blog about...at least something I am curious about. How do you feel about the early ages little girls are starting to dress with the fashions. I am not talking about cute clothes, but clothes that are too mature for them. I was surprised to see second graders in high heels and dangly earings when my oldest hit second grade. And some of these little girls also had big belts and etc...They were wearing what I would expect teens to be wearing. Of course you don't have to blog about it, but since many of us look up to you fashion wise, I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

  7. I'm going thru a blogging slump too. I sit at the computer and yell "Someone give me something to write about!" You'd think with 7 kids here something interesting would happen.

    Good mail rocks!!

  8. i live in WA too and i love your good mail. so i'm willing to stoop low and suck up to you. what can i say to make you change the WA address to MINE in case it wasn't mine orginally? you're so pretty, i love your hair, you're so creative, your blog is spectacular. are you switching it yet?

  9. Seeing Hello Kitty tethered in the shackles of raffia is really bothering me. I might have to start a 'Set Kitty Free' campaign.

  10. Since I live in neither of those places, I won't start campaigning for them to be sent to me, although I'd love the non-hello kitty one. I made it on your blog. Yippee!

  11. I'll be in Utah the next two weeks in case you are trying to find me to mail me something. ;)

  12. Tell us details. I want to hear about your first stake dance, or first kiss, whichever came first. Tell us how many speeding tickets you've had, and how many you've charmed your way out of.
    Tell us about the first time you spanked a child and how you felt afterwards.
    Tell us what is the worst meal you ever made and how you coped with hearing the whining of your little people.
    Have I sparked any ideas at all for you?? :D

  13. Very fun good mail! I love that you have a tree in your home that you put the stuff on to take pictures! :)
    I get writers block sometimes and other times I feel like I'm going to bust because I have so many posts in my head. So, when I'm overflowing with ideas I write them all down for inspiration later on!

  14. hmmmmmmm. I'm having writer's block about helping you with your writer's block

  15. I can always break out my whip....Maybe that will get you motivated into blogging more???



  16. I'm glad your boyfriend is back in town! Mine has been gone too and I guess i'll admit that i'm starting to miss him. but don't tell :)

  17. I'm a member of Melissa's Good Mail list.

    Thank's for sharing such a fun and wonderful idea.


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