Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bring in the Professional Summer 2007

Don't forget the cover up!

As a favor to me, my sister Lori, a wardrobe consultant, has agreed to write a quarterly advice column for my blogs. Here is her advice for Summer.
Super Summer Fashion Tips 2007
Here’s the list of fashion basics to help you outfit yourself easily and with style this summer season.
Well-fitted tees in the summer’s current colors (chocolate, aqua, apricot, and garnet, light pink, white and black). Don’t spend a lot of money on these, because they tend to wear out quickly. Tees are a clothing item that you wear close to the body and tend to acquire perspiration stains.
White layering cami. Buy it on-line at http://www.downeastbasics.com/. For you Hot Fruita Moms, the kiosk is in your local mall. Lucky Girls!
Long brown necklace made of larger wooden or resin beads. Trust me, wear this with everything and you will look great.
Knee length shorts. A big thanks goes out to the retailers who are selling these. Finally, a woman can be modest and stylish at the same time. Remember, fit is imperative to carry this look. Please, not too tight and not too loose. A stacked heel makes the whole look kicky and fresh. Try it!
White jeans. This is Annie’s number one fashion basic this summer. Need I say more?
Skirts! Long or short, circle or A-line. Wear them and enjoy them! This season I added two long gauzy skirts in brown and black to my wardrobe.
Ankle tie espadrilles. They are so cheap and fun! I bought a black and a brown pair at the Gap outlet for $9.99 each!
To top it all off, my summer basic is a white denim jacket. Find one that is tapered to fit a woman’s body and ends right at the hip. I wear mine with the gauzy skirts on a cool night and feel feminine and pulled together.
Last summer fashion tip: When purchasing your swimwear, buy the matching cover-up, sandals and tote. Nothing is sadder than an old t-shirt and baggy shorts over your latest Victoria Secret Miracle Bra Tankini. Having the whole ensemble will make you feel better even if your stylist got carried away with the bikini wax. Ouch!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Your Loving Fashionista
Lori Wynne lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area with her husband and two sons. She works as a wardrobe consultant for clients all over New England. She specializes in closet organization, personal shopping and wardrobe consultation. Her clientele include, business executives, authors, small business owners, and housewives.


  1. Smart! Given that you also have the incredibly witty Carronin for a sister, I'd say you all are swimming in one fantastic gene pool.

  2. Oh fun! I'm going to write this all down... I'm so fashion backwards on almost everything in the world... sad really. Maybe this will help :)

  3. Great ideas! Your sister is super smart-- what a fun job!

    I totally dig the knee shorts. I have the whitest legs in the West, the more I cover, the better! ;-)

  4. I'm so not in style! I love this post- thanks!

  5. Yay for our latest fashion update!

    I have a brown T-shirt the season. Wahoo! I've always hated brown in the past because well...it's so brown! I've overcome my aversion and it actually matches my eyes and hair really well.

  6. Wow, I can't believe I got here before No Cool Story did.

    I love those ankle-tie espa-however you spell them. They make me feel ballerinarific!

  7. YAY Lori :D Thanks!!
    I love these summer tips.

    "Don’t spend a lot of money on these, because they tend to wear out quickly". Amen to that. Great tip (did I mention I loved these tips already? I LOVE them).
    I have everything except the white jeans. This Mexican does not look good on (in) them. I also need to get me more camis.

    I'm going to the beach next week fro a few days. I'm ready to be summery\.

  8. Compulsive have I told you today that I love you! Thanks for the great tips Lori.

  9. Awesome ideas.

    Love the video, btw. Laughed my head off. And no, they are NOT the Jackson Five! But funny!

  10. Great fashion advice! Thanks!! I love that knee length shorts are in, finally. I definitely need to get me some of those espe-whatevers. :D

  11. I LOVE the knee length shorts! I went out last week and bought tons of them in anticipation of them going out of style as quickly as they came in. Hopefully mine will last me for a few more years. But then again, I guess shopping for next summers clothes this summer is a big fashion no-no. I'm hopeless.

  12. Loved the video too! I ESPECIALLY loved the "50" video in which a certain Hot Fruita Mom is star! That was pretty funny. :D The kids are pretty cute too.

  13. I do have an awesome family, don't I?!

    My white jeans are my "go-to" item when I have not had time to shave my legs, but I still want to look light and summery, even if I'm not in shorts or a skirt.

  14. A lot of very valuable info here! Got the cover-up and bag...but not the VS bathing suit.....Oh...where did I go wrong!

  15. So, you totally lucked out in the seester department! There's Carrie, whom I love and should be my seester. And then Lori who knows fashion AND sings like a rockstar AND does the robot AND might possibly be an 80's aerobic instructor...(the moves in the video....WOW!). LUCKY!!!

    Are white jeans really back?

  16. I have a pair of white jeans...they are a shrinked Size 8! YEAH, RIGHT!!!!

    Perhaps it is time to invest in a more realistic pair of white jeans. (just keepin' it real)

  17. I got TWO brown T-shirts! And TWO colorful and summery batik print broomstick skirts from Coldwater Creek to match them. Go on and mock me about wearing Coldwater Creek, but I like the way they cater to puffy women like me with their elasticated waistbands. <-----That's very important.

  18. Elastic- There is no shame in shopping at Coldwater Creek. It is a great place for dresses and skirts. I like that they have regular and petite lengths too!

  19. thanks, lori! i love the idea of a coverup, i will have to find a cute one to match my new suit. and i'm on the hunt for cute white jeans but haven't found any that i like. thanks for the great summer tips!

  20. To quote Judy, "I am bloated with acceptance." Your positive comments made my day! I'm so glad you enjoyed the video (blushing). Btw, I'm wearing the brown gauzy skirt and $9.99 espadrilles right now!

  21. I know that Coldwater Creek is seen as matronly or dowdy by some, but they're perfect for church and casual going out clothes. The rest of the time I sit around in my mesh basketball shorts and State Farting Champion T-shirt. That's a big fashion DO according to newspaper warehouse style guidelines.

  22. Can I be honest with you, Annie? Now most people will have sauntered on to your next two posts with nary a glance back at this one so I feel I can be more candid. I'm very disappointed with the low comment count on your summer fashion edition. What's that all about? This should have been an easy 50 for you and now I worry about masses of women wandering around in unflattering tank tops, bicycle shorts, and not trimming their "area" well before wearing that high thigh bathing suit all because they didn't get some good summery fashion tips here. :(

  23. Elastic- I would agree that the need it out there.

    It might be my fault that more people didin't comment. I think I moved on to the next post too fast. I brought in a stinking professional, that would definitely merit at least 30!


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