Thursday, June 14, 2007

Charmed I'm sure...

my latest article at
for my local paper,
The Daily Sentinel.
Update: The linkie on the papers website isn't working. Sorry. I e-mailed the web editor and told him. Hope they fix it soon.
Updated Update: All fixed! Todd P. is the best! Go and have a read. Show me the love by clicking on the link. Come on don't be greedy. Think of all I have done for you;)


  1. I just thought the article was really short. =P Much better.

  2. I went! I read it! Its awsome!

    P.S. I started a new blog that doesn't mention the names or faces of my kids! Anyone can visit!

    Maybe you can email me from there, and I can send you an invite to my other blog!

  3. I clicked, I read! How fun to write for a local paper.

  4. Excellent! A great read :)
    Thanks Todd. Annie's charm needs to be shared with the world.

  5. "When have you not been in the mood for organ music?" Ummmm
    LOL, that was a funny

  6. I read most of it until I had to register. The Sentinel just won't be happy until I expose all my privates to them. You know, identity stuff.


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