Saturday, June 16, 2007

Guess who's spoiled!

It has been said that I have a tractor beam. I have a way of just looking at a man and gettting him to do my bidding. Today, I have hit the lowest of the lows. Just when I thought that there was nothing my Secret Agent Man wouldn't do for me. Just when I thought that I was the most important woman in his life and he couldn't resist me, Penny happened! That darned Penny the Hamster. We went out shopping this morning. I wanted a water misting system to help keep the back patio cool. Penny wanted another new house. Guess who won?



    Wow, you've been usurped. And by a rodent!

    Want my therapist's phone number?

  2. Maybe Penny will share her water bottle with you.

  3. Hmmmm, don't know how to react to that one.

    You were trumped by a rodent?

    Good luck with that one!


  4. Don't tell me her house also comes with a water misting system.

  5. I love Mini-Me's drawings, so cute!
    "I love you". Awwwwww,

  6. Penny won't make him a samwhich or make his toes curl, for that matter.

  7. Which one was Penny's first house? The big one or the little one?
    Maybe you should ask Secret agent man to install clear tube tunnels to the outside of your house so you can give all the neighbors a show crawling through them. If he says no, you can guilt him with the whole "But you did it for PENNY!"
    I wonder what the HOA would think about that!

  8. BTW, Penny's house looks an awful lot like McDonald's she white trash?

  9. So does she have her own surround system in her Hamster Pad. You know that Hamster Pad surround systems are a must this season and you don't want Penny to feel like a societal outcast, do you? I bet she'd like hearing "The Hamster Dance" piped in all day, everyday.


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