Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Elfcapades

If I have your picture, you are not safe.


  1. :D
    Hahahahaha. I loved them all! And look, SHG has her OWN Review, ahhh.

  2. FYI I was almost 1st.

    But then pj messed me up.

  3. the late nighters have a handsome partner!

    Someone needs to find the other half of my face.

  4. Ever since you emailed me the links I've been making these with the kids pic, ugly pics of me, my sisters... Fun fun fun! Thanks Annie!

  5. SHG was even scarier, dancing.

    This was so adorable... where did you find it?

  6. I especially love the Super Happy Girl quartet! :)

  7. Tee hee. That makes me feel downright festive!

  8. FYI, B, she made you dancing with a bigtime Bollywood star ;)
    Thanks for doing it, Payney!

  9. Oh I'm so disappointed, my computer won't show it!

  10. Public Service Announcement:

    My psychic and I are planning to hold a seance to figure out what happened to Billy Dee William's career. For those who are interested, meet me at:

    Astrological Insights
    Doc Shore House Suite 21
    327 7th Street (in Grand Junction)

    My psychic says the optimal time for this astral event is 7:30pm (coincidentally after her nail appointment).

    Afterwards we are going over to Denny's for a late night snack and to cruise the trucker scene.

  11. Ah man! I missed Maria's party. Sounds like loads of fun.

    How cute are those Elfs! Even SHG looked....super happy.

  12. Not coming, Maria!

    I remember getting food poisoning from the cheese ball you put out at the last seance. I felt like my spleen needed an exorcism.

    You are on your own!

  13. I couldn't make ANY of them work. What is up with that? Is this a secret conspiracy to keep Elastic elfin free this Christmas season???!

    It's too late for that. We own that movie, ELF, you know.

  14. Maria de la C is baaaaack!!!

    Uh and yeah, not coming.

  15. I'll bet that Carrot is so happy to be dancing next to Jim Gaffigan! :)

  16. I am in awe of Super Happy Girl!!


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