Friday, December 21, 2007

Addictions, Advice, and Appreciation

The No.2 Breakfast Meal from McDonalds. "I wish I could quit you."
Need some help putting together an outfit for your next Christmas party? Clickety here for Lori's wardrobing advice for dressing for the holidays.
Thank you to Hairyshoefairy, SoDak Angel, Cutie and Cutie's Mom, Flakey Sarah, Aubrey, Mom2princess, Tori, and E-dub for the Christmas cards and goodies you sent. You all are great and it made me smile. Thanks again! Smooch!!!


  1. Thanks for making a pregnant woman crave this! I know where I'm going at 7 am tomorrow morning! Wait, it's 10:27! Don't they serve breakfast till 11 am? I'm going to go get one right now!

  2. I had Buy One Get One Free breakfast meal coupons from McDonalds and I gave them all away to avoid the tantalizing temptation of my beloved Egg McMuffins.

  3. Instead of "Beaded Top" I read bearded.
    I've never heard of those before, I said to myself.

    Ah, such a Pretty Sister :)

  4. Bearded top, haha! :D

    Thanks for the linky to Lori's wardrobe was great!

    So glad you got your goodies! Merry Christmas! :)

  5. Smooches right back at ya!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  6. I've never sat and watched your stunning duet with Mary J. before. Niiiiiccccce

    This is me and Lauren's 'Sassay' song!Syleena Johnson's Guess What? Lauren sings the back up for me. You should see me at the part where she goes "Three snaps up three snaps down."

    I should get me a video camera too.

  7. Annie, I going to make my blog private soon, so can I have your email?
    larthestar23 at hotmail dot com

  8. Oh how I love McDonald's breakfast. All the choices!!! I wanted to wish you a very Merry christmas and Happy New Year!!

  9. annie, i miss you. where have you gone?...


    Where are ya?


  11. Yeah, so that thing is stale by now.

    Feliz Happy New Year!!

  12. Prospero annuo felizidad!

    (Hope I'm saying that right)


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