Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can dance better than Obama.

Dance, Senator! Dance! Hoping that dancing with Ellen would do for him what saxophone playing did for Clinton, Obama shakes his "money maker" for votes.

It is customary in the video sharing world to post responses to videos that you have a reaction towards. Obama's dance with Ellen made an impression on me. If he wants to win my vote with his dancing skills, he has got to do a little better than that! Ever heard of the Cha-cha Slide, Senator?
This is me at 11:30 pm Christmas night after too much egg nog and yule log. Lack of sleep, hostessing, cooking, and entertaining left me with absolutely no inhibition or pride. Carronin and Fashionista are the ones giggling in the background. My apron and Santa hat have definitely got me feelin' a little "crazy right now."

"How do ya like me now, Senatah'?!"

Enjoy it while it lasts. I'll probably delete this video tomorrow before it ruins my own chance at running for office someday.


  1. I couldn't see your video :(

    Hmm, I think Obama dancing was choreographed!

  2. annie!! you can't delete it THAT fast, woman. i am seriously disappointed...

    happy new year!!

  3. I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Easy to do after watching Obama. What was that?! He can't seriously call that dancing. He stinks (at dancing).

    Can you put your video back up? I missed it:(

  4. NOoooo! You said you'd delete it tomorrow.

    Please? :)

  5. Yeah, no fair. Now you have to put it back up and leave it there for an extra day. Just for taking it down so fast.

  6. I was basing my vote this election on image alone...the whole eye sore thing, I mean why get caught up in what's best for our country, let's go with who looks best. Now maybe I'll have to add who can shake their tail feathers the bestest. Or not.

    Where did your classy dance moves go?

    Happy New Year!

  7. Hell----o?! If I can post my hairy legs you can surely post your dancing.
    It's not like we haven't seen you groove already. ;)
    Or do that one of your family singing the Annie song. I love that one.
    I think Obama had dancing lessons to learn to tone is bad self down. I bet he can really get his freak on.

  8. Now that IS mean...I didn't even get to see your video...put it back!

  9. Obama shakes it like a ______.

    Well it sure ain't a Polaroid picture. I'm going to say he shakes it like a Bic pen when you're trying to see if you can get any more ink out of it.

    It's obvious that man has never listened to any funk in his whole life. I bet he only has smooth jazz favorites in his CD collection.

  10. Since I couldn't see your video, I imagined it...and it was pretty darn good! ;)


  11. I so wanted to see the video.

    Gosh, I didn't think Obama looked that bad--guess you know how I dance!

    Happy New Year

  12. I'm so lucky I got to see it live and in person. Come on Annie don't be a chickenbutt let the girls see you shake it Beyonce style.

  13. I have video of SISSY walking on the tread mill. It took me an hour and two pounds of treats to train her. But I, not going to post it.

  14. BIG RICH said-
    SISSY is my dog not my wife.

  15. I totally missed the dance off! But you win, you have better hair!

  16. I totally missed the dance off! But you win, you have better hair!

  17. ps - yooohooo - elizabeth w.? can you hear me? I'm knocking at your blog but apparently no one's home. Can I get an invite to the party?

  18. ahem....I keep checking back....

  19. ahem....checked back again. I can say...I have seen Annie dance, live and in person....and she would hands down beat Obama in a dance off.....I have never though, seen her dance after the egg nog, and yule log.....I am still waiting for that.

  20. Is this a ploy to see how many comments you can get?

  21. oH FOR PEtes sake, heReS anOThEr coMment!
    sHOW Us THE vIDEO oR yOU'Ll NEVeR sEe cHOcOLatE aGAiN!

  22. listen, people!!
    i saw the video of our gorgeous annie strutting her funky white girl stuff. and she. has. moves. be jealous that you can't see the video. be jealous.

  23. Oh, look at Aubrey. Thinks she's so cool eh?
    Well, I've got news for you.
    I saw the video to, so...ha!
    Those are some serious dance moves.
    None of that silly dancing for Annie.
    She's all about getting down.

  24. That must have been something--darn me for being late.


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