Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm in the paper and Annie on Idol: Part 2

Click here to read my latest column in the Daily Sentinel titled, "35 going on 15. Not much has changed." Then click on the little speaker and have my column read to you by a computerized voice. It's always good for a laugh.
Last night's American Idol was a blur tone deafness and disillusion. There are people that know they are bad singers, but audition just to be on TV. They get what they have coming. But, it's the people who really don't know they are bad that I feel really sorry for. At least Simon is finally getting his props from that Asian-Angel-P!mp.
"Simon, he is someone very glorious, because he give chance to everyone."


  1. Yes, I'm first!

    I actually even watched AI last night. No technical difficulties on my end this time. Weren't those people awful! I still have that song stuck in my head. You and friends till the end of time.......

  2. Great article. I can't say I watched Idol. I never do. But, I saw the clip of that guy on Thorny's blog. He sure got his 15 minutes!

  3. They saved the best for last on Wednesday.

  4. Ok- was it just me or could the girl who had been in a car wreck with the really squeeky voice NOT sing?! Why did she get thru?

  5. Cosmic senator. I loved your column Annie, funny and thoughtful as always.

    The kids and I watched it just last night. We watched Asian-Angel-P!mp twice, oh man he was hilarious.

    What do you think about the cowboy guy? Super hot, si?

  6. I missed most of Idol on Wednesday but I did see Mr. Brotherly Love guy. Thanks to Youtube I also saw Bruce The Virgin who had never been kissed by a girl.

    Why would that be your selling point? Creepy.

    Didn't his dad discuss with him that intimate things should remain intimate by not DISCUSSING what you do and don't do to everyone you meet? CHIMICHANGA!


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