Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pop culture sidekicks for politicians

I know it's against the Anniethology M.O. to comment on politics, but when politics crosses over into my realm of pop culture, I have to have my say.

Huck's got Chuck.

Obama has Mother Oprah and who can beat that?

Hilary has Grizzly Adams.

But, who will be Mitt Romney's pop culture sidekick?

His Disney alter-ego?

How about a beloved TV host with equally impressive hair?

Or another handsome Jeff to help show Mitt's blue state side?

Or the eternally perky Paige?

What say ye? Who can put the snap, crackle and pop culture into Mitt Romney's campaign?


  1. FIRST! I was thinking he could buck the system and have a bunch of cartoon birdies fluttering around his head all the time, like Snow White does. Or, how 'bout Pat Boone?

  2. If he tapped Paige Davis as his veep candidate, I might actually vote for him. Who doesn't love Paige??

  3. I knew Mitt reminded me (in looks, not personality) of someone!! Gaston could be the cartoon look-a-like for Mitt, just longer hair.

  4. Thoroughly Hairy MillieJanuary 23, 2008 at 9:29 AM

    "...and every last inch of me's covered with HAIR!"

    Thanks for that mental image!!

    I think Obama is looking down Oprah's dress... it's an unfortunate camera angle.

    I vote for Paige.

  5. Hee-hee Grizzly Adams....that's funny...I don't care who you are

  6. I think Miss Piggy. She was always good at fawning over guests on the Muppet show (as long as they were male of course) and she could rip Hillary up.

  7. I vote Miss Piggy too.

    Or that dude from AI, the one who loves Simon because everybody loves that dude.

  8. I agree with Heffalump, Miss Piggy is the best choice.

  9. Gaston was a jerk, so... no. What about Prince Eric?

  10. Chuck seems like such a random personality to have as your head cheerleader.

  11. Gladys Knight!!"He wanted to be a super star... but he didn't get far..."

  12. How about "RAMBO" or the indian with the tear running down his cheek. That would send a message
    of hope to all tree huggers.

  13. Hey, did you hear the latest??!!? Sylvester Stallone is coming out.....in favor of decrepit and ancient John McCain!

    So now it's Sylvester vs. Chuck. It's no Jason vs. Freddy matchup or John Claude Vandamme vs.Steven Seagal, but what the heck. I want to see some 60 year old man action!

  14. I think mitt should surround himself with the members of Wang Chung because that would rock as the inaugural party song.

    "Everybody have fun tonight.....everybody Wang CHung tonight!"

  15. I can!

    I loved this!! Hillary looks like a crazy.

  16. I still think Marie Osmond would be best. She could always faint on national TV to get him more votes. ;) If she is not available my second choice is Miss Piggy, mostly because I like the mental image of her ripping Hillary up. I'm just sayin....

  17. I agree with Tori, Prince ERIC!!


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