Thursday, September 11, 2008

Anniethology Flashback

Any blogger will tell you that it is hard coming up with new material all the time. So I've decided to reach far back into the Anniethology archives, so far back that this post is not even from Anniethology. It is from my "Hot Fruita Mom" blog days. For your reading or re-reading enjoyment...

Annie's Marriage Advice
Original post date: October 27, 2006
First let me say, men and women are different. No duh, right? Yes, men and women are different.
I love Godiva Vanilla Black Raspberry Ice Cream. It's vanilla and black raspberry ice cream with dark chocolate chips. So good, so creamy, so rich. This stuff is so good, so rich that I feel happy just eating it a couple times a month.
Secret Agent Man loves ice cream too. He loves it so much he wants to eat it everyday. For him quantity is more important than quality. He will buy a gallon of the inexpensive vanilla and chocolate chip ice cream and eat a little everyday.
My advice: I want to be happy, I want Secret Agent Man to be happy. When mom and dad are happy, kids are happy. So, I compromise with Secret Agent Man, sometimes we have my rich, creamy Godiva ice cream and quite often we have his ice cream.
But, you say, "Annie, why would you eat his ice cream if you don't want it?"
Well, I love him and he loves me and if it makes him happy that we have his ice cream, then I think that is great. He does a lot of things for me that he would rather not do. I get the quality ice cream I want. He get's the quantity ice cream he wants. Everyone gets ice cream.
Everyone is happy.
Thanks for hanging around for the re-run. This Anniethology Flashback is dedicated to Millie.


  1. Millie, I am laughing pretty hard. Did you tell Payney that maybe for a half second you thought I wrote it?!

  2. I think I told her that. I was like, "Who wrote that?" I just remember all the comments and you were there... :)

  3. I want some ice cream. The good stuff.

  4. When Dr. Mario and I were dating, I asked him what his favorite ice cream was. He replied, "the more chocolate, the better."

    I knew at that moment that we would get along perfectly.

  5. Once you go chocolate, you never go back.

  6. I love ice cream.

    You are so right--"when mom and dad are happy, kids ARE happy."

  7. Good advice and funny too. That's why I come to see you Annie :)

  8. Super advice! It's all about the hubby and the kids - my hubby sounds a lot like yours - ice cream everyday! I'm constantly making ice cream - but good thing - the whole family loves the treat!

  9. Super advice! It's all about the hubby and the kids - my hubby sounds a lot like yours - ice cream everyday! I'm constantly making ice cream - but good thing - the whole family loves the treat!

  10. I agree that quality is better than quantity. Although sometimes a nice heaping bowl of quality is nice too ;o)

  11. When my hubby looks for ice cream, he looks for the highest fat content possible, because that's the kind that tastes the best. That's got to be a guy thing. Would a woman do that? Hmm...maybe if she decided she'd only eat the good stuff twice a month like you! :)

  12. So....are we talking about Ice Cream or "ice cream"?

  13. While I was reading this... again I was singing "Lets Get it On" in my head, I wonder why?

  14. *going to dish up ice cream*

    I like this idea. The flash back/recycled post idea. Can I copy you? You are, after all, the kind of gal I'd love to copy. ;)

    How's it going in your neck of the woods?

  15. Okay, first of all, your background isn't EXACTLY like your shirt. I guess you knew that, but I had to come and look and see how close. I got the black and white part right. Haha.

    Secondly, it was so great to meet you! What a fun night that was!

    Thirdly, ice cream is an important part of EVERY marriage. It's essential to communicated your ice cream needs to your partner, and compromise is also important. Great advice. ;-)

  16. I scream, you scream, we all scream...

    So awesome meeting you last night and yeah, I totally added you to my reader :)

    I just took your advice and read up over at FlyLady. I'm going to try this. If I can get my act together I may even blog about it so swing by my blog once in a while, k? THANK YOU! ((hugs))


  17. ooh, such wise marriage advice from a hot fruita mom. i had almost forgotten about hot fruita moms!

  18. One of the many memorable posts from Annie.
    And one of my favorite :D

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  20. I remember reading hot fruita mom back in the day...

    Loved the advice! I will file that away for future (very future) usage!

    I must try that Godiva chocolate you speak of!

  21. Ice cream happiness...awww! :)

    For me, it's not about the richness or the chocolate. It's all about the nuts...I like a little bit of ice cream with LOTS of nuts!


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