Tuesday, September 23, 2008


My kids taught me a new card game called Cheat. The deck of cards is distributed evenly among the players. The object is to get rid of all your cards. When it is your turn, you lay down, up to four cards, face down and you have say what the cards are. The other players have to decide whether you are "cheating" or not. If someone calls "cheat" on you, you have to turn your cards over and prove what you have. If you cheated, you have to take the whole pile. I have heard this game called by another name, but we don't use those words in our house.

I call "cheat" tonight on Kim Kardashian. She is a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The judges told her that she needed to sell her performance more and that she was wasting her "assets." That is when she claimed that it's hard for her because she is a really shy person!

"Baha! Cheat!"

Kim, once you have posted a video of yourself on the Internet having explicit relations, you no longer get to call yourself shy.

Okay here is another one. Different topic, same theme.

Once you have an abortion, you no longer have the right to criticize the way other people parent.

Your turn to fill in the blanks.

Once you_________________, you no longer___________________.


  1. ok, sticking with the abortion issue, though, not on purpose, I'll play...
    "Once you have sex, you no longer have the right to have an abortion"

    oh, and the bs game is a fun one, yes. We call it scumbag at our house. it's been awhile since we played, but now that you reminded me- i think we'll be breaking out the cards this week.

  2. I'll have to think about the fill in the blank, but we have a new fave card game called Blink. It moves really quickly. Very fun!

  3. Once you go black, you no longer go back.

  4. I can't make it fit in the blanks correctly, but I have to say to liberal federal judges that live in pollution infested cities that they need to control the exhaust in their own backyard before they come to mine and say I can't drive a 4-stroke snowmobile into Yellowstone Park (it emits NO smoke and is extremely quiet!)

    There. I feel better. I love playing "cheat" as well! It's a blast playing with my 64 year old parents.

  5. Once you see me naked, you no longer have to keep your hands to yourself.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  6. Weird...I posted about card games today too.

  7. Okay I was thinking about this whilst at the gym and came up with one more:

    Once you weigh more than 250 pounds, you no longer have the right to give me exercise advice.

  8. Once you see me naked, you no longer will say I'm hot.

  9. Pedaling......

    Hopefully you are not in a position to make any decisions for any women in your community.. Thank God for Roe Vs. Wade,
    Any woman has the right to chose whether or not bringing another child into this CRAZY world is the right thing to do.... What a naive comment.

  10. Another fine example of the liberal mindset. If you don't agree with them, it's because you don't know any better.

  11. I love your way of thinking! Kim Kardashian must go!!!

    Once you threaten to move to Canada if the Dems lose, you can no longer live here...I wish.

  12. Dear, Anonymous
    Hopefully you will find this information educational.
    Roe v Wade was a mistake in 1973 and 35 years later in does not reflect the opinion of the majority of Americans. A CNN/Opinion Research survey stated “ in October 2007 found that only 36 percent of Americans think abortion should be legal in most or all circumstances, 40 percent believe it should be available in a few circumstances, such as to save the mother's life, and 22 percent say abortion should never be legal”. That is almost unchanged in the past 15 years. So let me do the numbers for you that’s 62 percent of Americans that don’t agree with Roe v Wade. Even Norma McCorvey who was the plaintiff in the Roe vs. Wade now has her own pro-life ministry, known as Crossing Over Ministry. If Pedaling is in a position to make decisions for the women in her community she will have the majority of Americans behind her.
    Once you… make an uneducated comments you no longer have the right to… comment.!?!

  13. Geez Annie - What is the dealio?!?! You make a post to mock Kim Kardashian and it turns into a political debate.

    You have some angst up in here! ;)

  14. Did somebody say "political debate"? I've got one!

    Once you select a candidate to run as Vice President, you no longer can ban reporters from asking her any questions!

    Or on a lighter note:

    Once you see a picture of Tori sitting on a whale statue, you no longer can avoid associating whales with Tori, even though the association is particularly unflattering. Sorry Tori, but it's true.

  15. Dear anonymous-

    I am Pro Choice- When you make the choice to engage in activities that create a human being, you have made your choice. You do not get to choose your consequences. Having an abortion is playing God, not making a choice.

  16. One you choose a running mate, you can no longer keep looking for a "better" one.

    Obama- Biden must stay. He can work with his health issues.

    Oh, I'm not supposed to know. Too late. Cat's out of the bag. :P

  17. LOL at the anonymous reply to anonymous. Amen.

    I loves you Annie. I don't know how to make the cool heart thingy :(

  18. I love pedaling's response!

    Once you pick your nose, you no longer have the right to point your finger!

  19. Once you have kids....you no longer sleep through the night.

    Once you know better, you no longer have a valid excuse.

    Once you taste chocolate, you no longer choose not to eat it.

  20. "Once you see me naked, you no longer have to keep your hands to yourself."

    wait, tiburon, does that apply to ob-gyns??

  21. Once you declare that “having an abortion is playing God”, you no longer can hold capital punishment as a “matter to be decided solely by the prescribed processes of civil law” without calling the consistency of your beliefs and teachings into question.

  22. Touche Angela Michelle. Touche.

    Well played.

  23. Once you start speaking in non-sequiturs you no longer enjoy mustard on your iPod.

    (Good Anonymous, that is)

  24. goodness me,
    didn't mean to stink up the place, annie.

    Notice i can stand by my fill in the blank game without hiding behind the title anonymous;
    and you know why?
    because I am right and I am not ashamed of my position.

    here just for funsies, let's play again....

    once you sell your soul to the devil, you can no longer get into heaven.

  25. Once you start Blogging, you no longer have a spotless house. (Although Annie, you might. And I guess mine was never spotless before I started Blogging. ***sigh***)

    Once you have your own children, you no longer are as likely to criticize other moms. (At least in my experience.)


  26. I am so late, waaah!

    Once you talk politics on Annie's blog, you no longer can stop wacky anons.

    "Thank G_d for Roe Vs. Wade"
    What a statement.
    One He would disagree 100%

  27. Amen on Klin's pro-choice comment.

    Here's mine:

    Once you compare ripping an innocent child limb from limb at the request of its mother to putting a convicted killer to death, you no longer can be considered mentally competent.


    Now here's my OFFICE quote of the evening:

    "I wonder what people like about me. Probably my jugs."

  28. And SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I love Jim!

  29. We know this game "cheat", my children taught me using the other game. We played until my hubby came home and asked what I was teaching our children. I like the new name. Will be bring back out the cards to play around.

  30. My Papi watches all the dancing shows. I love him anyway.

  31. Once you eat a can of cold Vienna Sausages you no longer feel like a civilized human being.

  32. You are very brave to encourage people to store extra food etc. as your article Sep 27 suggests. Our church encourages this and those of use who were born during the Great Depression had it drilled into us from birth-!!
    Now it is called hoarding and frowned on and ridiculed enlessly by those who have no knowledge of need or want.
    Comments like"There is a grocery store on every corner" or Just order pizza" make no sense at all to those who are disabled and dependent on others.
    We are senior citizens living in a semi-rural area, I am the only driver and recently was unable to drive for almost 2 weeks. Though we have good neighbors, we did not have to call on them for food or assistance as we were prepared with food and water and other necessities..
    Thank you for such a helpful article

  33. I'm not clever enough to come up with anything interesting, but I certainly enjoyed your statement and many of the others...but not ALL of them!


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