Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pictures of the Sarah Palin Rally in Denver

I got the golden ticket!
I did two interviews. One with Mike Littwin of the Rocky Mountain News and one with NPR ( National Public Radio not pictured).
Here is Mike's column Warning: He is not a Palin supporter. Here is the part of his text that I believe was inspired by our conversation. He doesn't mention me by name, although this is what we talked about, concerning her appeal.
"It's class as much as gender. When you hear women say she's just like them, they're talking about someone who's gone through what they've gone through - and made it. They don't think Palin is average. They think she's talented - and talented enough to start where they did and make it to the top, even if she had to go to five colleges to get there."
Mike also asked me what I was expecting to see. I told him that, honestly, I couldn't wait to see what she was wearing. He said, "What do you think she is going to wear?"
That was a no-brainer. My answer: A smart-looking jacket with three-quarter-length sleeves, a black pencil skirt, and peep-toe pumps.
And, of course, my prediction was right on!

"Great legs!"

Those Secret Service Guys were hardcore.

"We love you Sarah!"

You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.
Every good rally has dissenters. Here are some Obama supporters who have been "punished with a baby."
Thanks to El Jefe and Voices Carrie for making this day possible.
What did Joe Biden do yesterday? Probably went golfing or got a massage. It wouldn't matter, because nobody cares. Tear for Joe.


  1. So did anyone ask you for your autograph? Have you been asked by the Secret Service to be Sarah's double like the guy that got shot in the movie Vantage Point?

  2. Yeah, you totally have the lookalike thing going. Cute.

    I'm not a big Palin fan but I love that you went to the rally and are writing about it.

  3. That is so cool. I know you do look like her. I think she is so pro woman. What were those ladie thinking? Go Sarah.

  4. You are so hard core! Did you tell her you loved her? I hope so.

    Ten bucks on Biden getting a massage plus a pedi...for good measure.

  5. I know where Joe was. He was in Michigan. Barack was in Grand Junction, and Pueblo. Sarah was in Golden and John was in Florida.

    We should care. It's our country we are talking about.

    We have a right and responsibility that many countries don't have. We get to vote. We need to educate ourselves in more than 3/4 length sleeves and peep toed shoes.

    I think all the suffragettes just rolled over in their graves.

    Oh, and Lauren? You owe me ten bucks...

  6. That's my sister-in-love! She is as devoted to her candidate, as I am mine. Somebodies got to keep tabs on Joe.

    Thank you, Bug, for being willing to comment not just on my Sarah Palin posts, but on my posts about "ice cream" and Junior Mints, as well.

    Other topics I covered with RMN and NPR were energy and the economy. If you care to hear about it, you can turn on your radio.

    What can I say? I am a media magnet!

  7. I don't recall mentioning who my candidate was. I am following all of them.

  8. Go Annie!!! Until you pointed it out I hadn't noticed the 3/4 length sleeves. I'm weird and don't notice stuff like that.

    I agree that I don't think Palin is average. Average won't get you the criticism that she gets. I'm rooting for her.

  9. I just have to say- I really like Rug Bug's picture. I'm a big Kitchen Aid fan and it's a cool green :)

  10. Very cool Annie!

    I had some other comments but I don't wanna get yelled at by anyone, so I'll keep them to myself.

  11. Were the secret service a little confused when you walked by?

    Not that they are stupid or anything. Just you are a total double!

    Cool gig!

  12. oh, how i love a little politics mixed with sarcasm and a bit of fashion sense...

    way to go annie!

  13. Yay. You look so pretty!
    And of course you knew what she would wear, this is why you're a resident Fashion Expert.

    Talking about fashion: What are the dissenters wearing?

  14. That Mike guy is scary! Scary like a HORROR movie!

    Sarah really does have great legs and you just can't take a bad picture of her. After years of looking at Mr. Cheney, she'll be a nice, easy-on-the-eyes breath of fresh air.

  15. So what's the deal, Annie? Am I persona non grata around here now? Are you going to delete every comment I post?

  16. Are you kidding me? I love comments.

    But you only show up when you want to be snide and I think that's bad form.

    Where were you when I harrassed the kid at the video store? Where were you when I posted about "ice cream?"

    Rug's Bug may claim that I am rolling over dead suffragists, but she at least is a courteous enough commmenter to chime in on the days when she doesn't disagree.

    You made your point loud and clear. You don't support Palin. I get it.

    But if your intent is to persuade some Conservatives to come to your side of the force, then your tactics are tactless.

    If the enlightment of the masses is not your intent, then you are just being mean.

    I don't throw tomatoes at your blog.

  17. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone how to vote. I wrote a whole blog piece about this today. It's your freedom to choose, much like it is mine. My exception has more to do with the basis with which it appears you are supporting Palin. Because she's a snappy dresser. We shouldn't be so much worried about outwardly appearance, but more with the way this person plans to conduct themselves while holding a public office.

    That's all I have to say. I'm done. Lips are sealed. Key is tossed.

  18. Annie, my comments aren't so much anti-Palin as they are opposed to people making their voting decisions based on fashion. I don't expect to change your mind or anyone else's. I just want you to be honest with yourself about why you're choosing who you're choosing.

    And I can think of a few times I've posted here that had nothing to do with politics. Remember? Will you start deleting my comments about summer reading now, too, because I don't comment often enough?

  19. C'mon Kelly! If we can't choose candidates based on fashion then I don't want to vote.
    That's what I am doing anyway. And I follow all of my Super Hero's (Annie) commands.


    That's how ridiculous you sound Kelly.

    Seriously, are you for real? Are you saying that Annie, a very thoughtful, intelligent and reasonable person, only votes for the woman with good fashion and great legs?

    Really? That's what you are saying?
    This is a fun blog and even though it’s not a political blog, Annie likes Palin, and in a light hearted matter she chooses to point things about her, like her fashion sense.
    Like Annie said "WE GET IT, you don’t like her."
    Geez Louise, Annie doesn’t need my help on this, trust me.

    Are you really this thick?

  20. Friends, if you can support Sarah Palin despite the fact that she's lied to you repeatedly, she's proven herself to be corrupt in office, her foreign policy experience consists of being able to blow spitballs at Russia, and she follows Rove/Cheney tactics to keep her misdeeds secret -- oh, scratch that. If you can support Sarah Palin because of her snappy jackets, YOU are that thick.

  21. If I am being honest with myself I'll vote for Obama?

    Just like a Liberal to believe that I am only a Republican because I don't know any better.

    I'm am voting for McCain/Palin because I don't believe babies are a punishment.

    I'm voting for McCain/Palin because I don't believe in sucking babies down a sink. Or making a baby in a lab just to kill it because it could possibly, maybe, somewhere down the road, millions of dead babies and billions of tax payer dollars later cure disease.

    I'm voting for McCain/Palin because I don't want government deciding who my doctor will be or where my kids will go to school.

    I'm voting for McCain/Palin because under a Democratic president my young family who didn't take any government assistance, paid for their own health care, stayed home with their own kids, not because we were rich but because we made the choice to do so, owed taxes while others who had the government pay for their home, pay for their health care, pay for their child care, and pay for their schooling, pay for their abortions, got money back from the government and bought a TV.

    I'm for McCain/Palin because they have more experience and a better resume.

    But if I want to vote for McCain/Palin because I love her outfit and she looks like me, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna love it, and I'm going to take 20 friends with me! Just because I can.

  22. But no one comes here to read that.

  23. I agree with Millie, that Mike guy is kind of scary looking.


    See? You got yelled at anyway. Can't win.

  24. Wow! I missed all the fun.

    Ditto to your comment just up from mine, Annie. That is why I will NEVER vote for Obama and I don't believe his lies either.

    OH, and I never for one second believed that you actually chose to support Palin because of how she dresses. That is freakin' hilarious!

  25. Crap! It really isn't about her clothes? Just when I thought I had it figured out.

  26. We had a great day yesterday and no one can take that away.

    Not even the looney tune with the sign outside of the rally that said, "The Anti-Christ could be a woman wearing lipstick, think about it."
    What a awful thing to say about Hilary.

  27. I got to thinking. . . why don't Hillary's supporters get upset when she lies? It can't due to us not commenting on her nice legs. that would be an oxymoron.

    No politician is perfect. No person is perfect. I just remembered Kelly's comments and thought, "Wow. Wonder what she thought about HIllary?"

    I'm going away now. I've got to pack for a certain cutie blogger's reception. See you all Saturday.

  28. *sniff* I got yelled at.

    For anyone to seriously think Annie is choosing her candidate based on his/her fashion sense just shows you don't know Annie. At all. Not even a little bit.

    Moving on- Did you see that tie Obama had on? Tacky. He sooooo lost my vote. Sheesh. :P

    I ♥ my Annie.

  29. Carrie has been making me laugh all day.

  30. Annie,

    I love your blog. I think it's hilarious that people assume because a person has a different opinion that makes them less intelligent.

    Politicians are politicians. But I love Sarah Palin. LOVE HER...AND YOU!!!! Rock on.

  31. wow, i had no idea things would get so heated. love the pics, glad you had a great time.

  32. I loved your "reasons" comment Annie.

    I am not voting for Sarah Palin because I like her clothes..it's because I like her hair do. So there.

  33. annie you look beautiful! i am a little sad that you didn't get a pic of her peep toe pumps. unless she wasn't wearing some. in that case, i forgive you. i am jealous that you got to go..soo cool!

  34. Can we just vote for you as president?