Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A conversation with a video store employee

I slam my car into park and make a mad dash for the door. I hope I'm not too late to rent a copy of "Baby Mama" for tonight.

Me: (breathless) Do you have any copies of "Baby Mama?" (To the kid behind the counter)

Him: (Not bothering to look up) Yeah, over there. (Points amibiguously)

I grab a copy off the top of about twenty.

Me: Why are there so many copies? This is going to be the best movie ever! Where are the people standing in line waiting for their chance to see Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in a movie together?

Him: (Shrugs his shoulders)

I toss my five bucks on the counter.

Him: You have late fees.

Me: Figurd'.

I drop another sixty cents on the counter.

Him: That movie is due back tomorrow. (Still not looking up)

Me: Not gonna happen. I never get my movies back in time.
Hey! Where are the Junior Mints? (Looking at the snack display)

Him: We don't sell them. (Wishing I would leave)

Me: Junior Mints are the best movie snack ever! Try this at home. One handful of popcorn, two Junior Mints. One handful of popcorn, two Junior Mints. (Demonstrating the technique)

Him: (Wishes he would have taken the job at McDonalds)

Me: Try it, you'll like it. Annie Payne said so. If you stock them, they will sell. I guarantee you.

I grab my movie, head for the door, and yell over my shoulder.

Me: I'm gonna check back with you to see if you tried it!

Him: (Decides that he will definitely stay in school so he doesn't have to work at the video store for the rest of his life)


  1. I heart you.

    That was HIGH-sterical!!

    I haven't seen that movie. I take it I should?

  2. Too funny. I just watched it this afternoon. They are so funny together.

  3. (adding to Netflix queue right now)

    Trust me she has no qualms about talking to strangers. I went to the store with her the other day.......

  4. I'll have to try that Junior Mint/Popcorn thing next time I rent a movie. Thank for the recommendation

  5. I forgot that came out today,I was going to stop at Redbox! Dang it!

    It looks hilarious,I love Tina Fey.

  6. That is just plain awesome. I love it.

  7. Ohhh! I have Jr. Mints in my freezer (just in case I might need a fix) and popcorn just waiting to be popped! Too bad I'm not getting Baby Mama in the mail (netflix) today. $5 is a rip off for a movie. any movie.

  8. You should make buttons that say, "Been harrassed by Annie Payne."

  9. Thank goodness we can agree on the Bolly because that movie looks horrible! Let me hear your review...
    I adore Jr Mints, but haven't ever eaten them with popcorn.

  10. Yes, I'll be waiting on the review too. I can't get past Tina Fey on SNL and her "lady business."

  11. TOO funny!!! And, oh yeah... there IS something about sweets with our popcorn!!! JR. mints were MADE to eat while watching a movie!!!

  12. Hey Annie! It's Mindy, by the way! Oh, and Baby Mama is one of my favorite movies ever! I bought it today! :)

  13. Annie Payne. Changing lives one video rental at a time.

  14. So what did you think of the show?? I love your blog! I wonder if the "annonymous" comment above came from the video store guy??

  15. You are too funny! and here I thought the junior mint thig was just one of my Mom's weird quirks!!

  16. Really? Junior Mints and popcorn? Hmm...that's a new one.

  17. So are you saying that Junior Mints taste even better with popcorn? Hmmmm. I'll have to give it a try.

    I'll go work at the video store, if you'll come rent videos fro me. ;)

    Awaiting the review.

  18. I saw the movie....I think my expectations were too high....made me sad more than happy....sometimes that happens. Loved my junior mints with popcorn though.....I don't quite have the same technique.....I mostly just toss a handfull of each in my mouth, and call it good.

  19. I hear you can mix Milk Duds with popcorn as well!!

    Here's the scenario: Milk Duds in cup holder on left; popcorn on lap; Jr. Mints in cup holder on left. Alternate.

    (Of course you can try all three together, but I can't guarantee the flavor sensation!)

  20. Loved the movie. Thought it was funny. Returned it late. No shocker there. When I went back the the video store, the kid was gone. He was probably getting a restraining order. Like that'll scare me away or somethin'. Not likely.

  21. I was anxious to see this also. Never tried the popcorn and jr. mints will have to give it a go really soon. Back to the movie. Well, I feel like I cheated because I watch it off of youtube the night it came out. How it got posted so fast is beyond me.

  22. I love Tina Fey...wanted to post her Sarah Palin skit but didn't think all the material was appropriate. so funny though, if you can be a little crude.

    We just watched this movie this weekend...liked it.

    Not a junior mints fan though....i'm a milk dud lover

  23. You are HILARIOUS! :D

    I want some Junior Mints right now.


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