Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The word for the day is "resignation"

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am not good at picking winners. In the past year alone, I have picked these losers.
Korto from Project Runway

"Archie" from American Idol

Jason from the Bachelorette
And I believe that the world would have been a better place had they won.

At least I can feel good that I have done my part. I have had my say. I admit to getting a little teary-eyed in the line at the polls today. I am grateful to live in a country where little Annie Payne, wife and mother from Fruita, Colorado can vote for her leaders. It was done orderly, respectfully, and without intimidation.

One of these videos is not like the other. Come on, can you tell me which one?

*Pakistani election sponsored by Rubbermaid

Regardless of what happens today, we still live in the best country in the world.


  1. She even makes the brown carhart coat look hot!

  2. You and Ben Affleck (did you see his opening monologue on SNL?)... Let's hope that since his track record of supporting those who lost is a lot longer than yours, that his will win out and your streak will be broken!

  3. i love sarah and i love archuleta..
    the others? i don't know them.

  4. It's hard not to talk politics when you're standing in the voting line. But I prevailed over my big mouth thanks to the patented finger lock that seals the lips. I even took the extra measure of throwing out the invisible key to make sure it stayed locked up until after I punched the CAST BALLOT button.

  5. McCain/Palin WON'T put gas in my car or pay my mortgage......and that's exactly the way I like it.

    I wish some supporters would realize that having politicians promise to take over your lives and pay your bills means giving up your freedom.

  6. I love Sarah.
    Maybe you shouldn't predict this winner, because I'd be hoping you are wrong... again! :)

  7. So, I just found your blog from Mormon Mommy blogs, and I love this post.

    Don't tell anyone, but I thought that Jason would win too. Serves DeAnna right, because she and Jessie have broken up!

    Anyway, just popped in to say hello. I will be back. :)

  8. I voted, which is all I could do, and now I will just hope that enough other people voted the way I did for things to come out the way I hope they will.

  9. I wanted to say it, too. Regardless of the outcome today, we are still fortunate to live in a country where we are free to work and live and worship as we please.

  10. I was looking for the women in the first video and THERE WEREN'T ANY!

    I love Sarah. She will be great and I hope she wakes up to her dream.

  11. I'm not one to call winners, I tend to be wrong too...hopefully things in California turn out the way I want...
    p.s. Round 1 of halloween costumes are up, I'll get to the official costumes tomorrow:)

  12. I am bad at calling winners. America's funniest h0mevideos always chooses the opposite I choose.
    Every single time.

  13. We DO still live in the best country in the world, complete with checks and balances so Obama can only screw it up so much before someone stops him. :)

    You're a better loser than I am.

  14. I woke up this morning and thought... "maybe moving to Alaska isn't such a bad idea after all..."

  15. I wanted Jason to win as well, but I realize now that Diana would have tromped all over his sweet heart. And Ty would have been a victim. So I'm glad she ended up choosing Jesse.

    And I guess that pretty much sums me up: commenting on the Bachelorette instead of the Presidency. Yep, that's me. ;)

  16. I have to agree with millie--he just can't screw it up that bad. (At least I'M SURE HOPING)

  17. Sarah gets around fast! We saw her here in Reno Monday night. She was great, and Todd winked at me (not really, but I like to think so).

    Nice post - I've enjoyed your election enthusiam! We do still live in the greatest country ever!

  18. I love bachelor! So went on the site to see when the next one would be coming. Guess who is the next Bachelor? Jason!

    I thought of you when I got up today and heard the final results.

  19. "I wish some supporters would realize that having politicians promise to take over your lives and pay your bills means giving up your freedom."

    Abdication of choice while it may be "easy" is lazy.


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