Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jump back into school with the Net

From Fly Lady to fabulous lunches, websites to help you get a jump on the new school year.

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  1. Great column! "Five Minute Fire Drill" is the coolest idea ever! I wish I'd heard of it 10 years ago, but it can still be helpful with just one (messy) kid left at home!

    Zach Face took brown bag lunches clear through 9th grade, but I'm keeping my promise of paying for cafeteria lunches now that he's a sophomore. At $2.50 per day, it costs $50 a month! GAH!

  2. I so need help with school lunch ideas.

  3. You are so way awesome. Smoooochies!

  4. Love the picture! Awww, cute kids.

    There's an app for everything, it's awesome.
    Why weren't there cool things like that when I went to school?


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