Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ripped from my Facebook Wall

Annie Payne Secret Agent Man knows me so well, he just upgraded our satellite package. Some women want diamonds, I just want more channels.
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Katie Landers I love you annie! I think you are my soul mate! :)
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Annie Payne I have Glee, DWTS, Flipping Out, and Real Estate Intervention on the DVR tonight. Katie, what about you?
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Annie Payne Oops and Oprah.
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Karla L. King I have lived without cable or satellite for 4 years. Does this make you break out in hives? :) lol.
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Annie Payne I think I'd be mute if I didn't have television. I wouldn't know what to talk about.

Me: Did you see "Project Runway?"
You: No.
Me: (blink, blink)
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  1. More Channels are better than diamonds...

  2. You are the best. Doing your part to keep peeps working ;)

    WV= undata Coincidence? Hmmmm. (scratches chin)

  3. I think I'm a week behind on PR. Boo. :(


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