Wednesday, September 5, 2007

On board Amenities

We have an on board personal assistant named Miss Scarlet (Distant cousin of Millie's assistant Ethel). She sounds like she was educated back east. She gives us the turn by turn directions of our navigation system.

The car has heated seats. Tama says "no eating in the car" and honestly the woman knows what she is talking about. Her car is immaculate. So, no more eating in the car, but what about cooking?

DVD player for Bollywood on the Go!

Hands free calling! Miss Scarlet also places my calls for me. I love her! I hope she doesn't want benefits. Employee dental coverage will put us out of business.


  1. Does Miss Scarlet say things like "Fiddle-dee-dee!" (Gone with the Wind)

    I like all your great amenities. You're good if you can keep the "no eating in the car" rule. It worked for like 2 hours with our new car. :(

  2. Fiddle-dee-dee!! I can hear Payney saying that!
    Yea for all the features!!
    I am seriously considering a next car which contains a DVD player...

  3. I'm the type that always has to drive a new car, so I applaud you for holding out!!
    My Navigator has "Miss Scarlet," but it's my baby! :)
    I call our secret lady in our navigation system "Lola." I love that I can say, "gas" or "pizza place" or "TARGET" ...etc... and she will automatically tell me where the closest place is and offer directions.
    Have fun in your new car! oh yeah, and have fun cooking. I don't cook... ever... well, maybe once a week.

  4. ooh fancy. i can't wait to have a new car with all those features. especially the navigation lady.

  5. I thinka navigation lady would bug me! I don't like people telling me what to do.....I am a CONTROL FREAK!!! I could totally see myself turning the wrong way just to rebel.

  6. You van is so cool! And now you'll never get lost again :D
    I have very strict "no eating in the van" rule. I hate a dirty van, I can't stand any kind of crap in my van. I tell everyone riding with me "no food".

  7. We are strict about the no eating in the car rule too. It does make for a much nicer car, and a much happier momma!

    Miss Scarlet sounds a little uppity to me. Telling you where to go and all. I mean who is she really? But as long as she doesn't ask for much in return for her services I wouldn't complain too much.

    Next they will be inventing cars that not only give you directions, but drive you there while you apply your makeup, or call ahead and order pizza.

  8. So pretty, and the van isn't half bad. I feel like it is a perfect fit. Annie has all these amenities...and now she has the van with them is a perfect love story. Now you just need Miss Scarlet to cook for you...that is all.

  9. Does it know the location of the new Taco Bell yet?

  10. That's fancy! Can I call you Fancy Annie, now? My new vehicle has genuine, authentic vinyl floors and working seatbelts.

    I'm living large and in charge!

  11. Congratulations on becoming a two car household! We just recently became a two car household after a four year hiatus, so I know how it is! :D

  12. I have the "no eating in the car" rule because I HATE to clean cars!! I figure since I have to clean the entire house, I shouldn't have to clean cars also. Wanna know a secret? I only clean my car twice a year--if that. So, see how much cleaner a car stays if you don't eat in it?

    I can't wait for the car that drives you to where you want to go while you put on your make-up and can call ahead for dinner!!! I hate to drive!


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