Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Anniethology Lifestyle Tip #374

Feng Shui principle states that the West and Northwest corners of the room are an auspicious place for your computer and other office machines. I recently moved my desk to said corner. I'm feeling the influx of good chi already.

I am right here next to the window, feeling the cool, crisp, early autumnal breeze. (Have I mentioned that is this my favorite time of year?) The world map is now above my desk so I can look up and think, "I wonder where my Secret Agent Man is today?" Because the front of my house faces north, I feel like I am always moving forward to better things, instead of watching my back for attacks from behind.

Although I have to admit, the new desk position hasn't done much for my productivity. My Thursday Swap Day videos are still waiting to be sent out. They're on their way, E-Dub!

Are you in a blogging funk? Does your computer crash a lot? Has someone used your Paypal account to purchase illegal fireworks? Did that embarrassing video of you find it's way to Youtube? Maybe it's time to improve your luck by moving the position of your desk.

It's easier the changing your name and moving to North Dakota.


Unrelated Post Script: For my upcoming Vlog (video log) I will be answering your questions. Send your questions to bubbiesmommaatyahoodotcom. I'll show that Ask-a-Ninja that he's got nothing on me!


  1. Oh no! My desk is in the Northeastern corner...but it will have to stay there because the Piano is in the Northwestern corner and there is no other spot in the room it will fit.

  2. Hmmmm. Mine is in the southwest corner. No wonder my onlife life is in turmoil.

  3. My computer desk is in the northwest corner, but it doesn't seem to have made a lot of difference in my pukey blogging, haha! :D

    Your desk looks like such a happy place to be! :)

  4. Woo hoo! I am in the right spot. No wonder I always feel happy sitting at the computer.

  5. I'm in the wrong corner... Hmmm... I'll have to talk hubby into moving the desk... um... yeah. I'll let you know how that goes...

  6. Amazingly enough I'm in the right corner. Maybe that's why I'm so good at spending lots of time here.

  7. my desk is clearly in the NORTH of the room. not in a corner. so, this could explain a lot of my bloggy anxiety.

  8. Avast ye! Watch out with Ask-a-Ninja, he's got serious ninja skillz.

    Unfortunately I do not know how to use a compass. Furthermore, I don't know which way is North, right, dividing, adding etc. But you have seen my desk, is it in the right place?

  9. My desk is against the north wall, but in the middle of said wall. Maybe choosing a corner will keep anymore embarassing videos from showing up on youtube. How did you find out????

  10. Can you come over and fix my desk up for me? :D

  11. There was a man named Odd and he got married and had three kids. He told his family that when he died not to put his name on the head stone; just put the date he was born and the date he died. So that's what they did.
    Some people were at the cemetery a few months later and when they passed by his grave, they said, "That's Odd"

  12. All I know is I have a lousy sense of direction--I guess that explains a lot.

    I do admit I'm coveting your desk.


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