Friday, September 14, 2007

Up, up and away!

I am going to the Snowmass Hot Air Balloon Festival.
I am staying at the Glenwood Suites.
What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I'm headed to the cannery to can wheat and rice. I'm trying to talk Hubby into a trip to the beach after, but he's not too excited about it. Have fun at the Balloon festival!

  2. Hey, I wanna go to the Suites. That place is sweet. (HAR HAR)

    We have soccer and bill-paying and going out to eat tomorrow, and then stake conference Sunday, maybe getting a new bishopric. This time I'll be in the front row. :)

    Have so much fun and kiss Carrie for me!

  3. oh FUN. i'm throwing a party tonight then tomorrow and sunday is stake conference out here.

  4. That looks so beautiful! I'm hoping to paint a bathroom.

  5. Such fun! So beautiful!

    I'm having a birthday party for my soon to be EIGHT year old.

  6. I'm gonna just crash after my first full week of teaching Seminary ; )

    Your weekend looiks like great fun. Enjoy.

  7. You are staying at the Glenwood Suites? Lucky!

    This weekend I'm trying not to injure myself (soft delicate flower that I am).

  8. Ooooh, I love that song. "Up, up and our beautiful balllloooon."

    Who sings that? Is that The Fifth Dimension?

  9. I'm going to catch up on Good Mail this weekend. Good Mail that I promised the Colorado clan to send to them when I left-a whole month ago.

  10. I'm going to have a girls' day out, grownups only. Shazzy's got my little girls. Heh Heh Heh :D

  11. I'm singing a duet AND leading the music at my aunt's funeral, while trying not to blubber...but hey, maybe I'll get some scrumptious funeral potatoes...or carrot jello.

    I'm glad that you are having a wonderful weekend! ENJOY! :D

  12. Driving kids around, grocery shopping, laundry, the usual.

    Have fun for me.

  13. Woohoo! You ladies are party animals.

    Lisa, I want to see pictures of that painted bathroom when you are done.

    The hot air balloon rally was cancelled due to weather. What are a few clouds and sprinkles?
    We decided to go to Aspen. So did everyone else. It was a fun over-nighter anyway.


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