Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are you a Mile High Mama?

If you contributed to the list of 100 Reasons to Love Blogging that I compiled a few weeks ago, your name will appear today on the Mile High Mamas blog, sponsored by the Denver Post. Readers also have an opportunity to click the link to the original post and visit your blog. Don't be surprised if you get a few new readers from the great state of Colorado! Woot!


  1. I said over there and I'll say it here too.
    Best post ever!

  2. If you look in the original at what I wrote after comment 71 or so, you will see that I am a prophetess......
    or maybe someone who just had a good idea ;)
    Coolio's right-great post!

  3. Oh my holy he__!!
    What the heck happened to my eggs??!!

  4. I am one hot peacock!! (I used to be a peahen, but now I'm a peacock!!)

  5. I'm a loser, haha! I never commented on that original post, because I didn't think I had anything cool enough to contribute, and now I'm not even famous or anything! :D

    Yay for #60!

  6. That was great. When is the next big meeting of famous people? If we ever get our house built then I'd be happy to host it. Of course, I need to sell this one first. :P

  7. I was one of the cool commentators!
    I was part of history!!

  8. I was was like getting into my shiny Delorean bloggy time machine set for August 2007.


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