Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Posting means admitting I'm home.

We had an excellent vacation. I can't believe it has been a week since my last post. I haven't taken a week off blogging since...well...ever. My blogging buddies may have seen me lurking around their blogs for a couple of days. I would have commented, but then I would have to post, and well, you know how it goes. Although I have been home since Sunday night, I have yet to unpack our suitcases. I couldn't make it a priority, I had a Christmas tree to decorate! (Pictures and decorating tips to come!)

While in Las Vegas the children met their maternal grandfather's idol. They took to him pretty well. They loved it when he called them little hound dogs!
I had a nice visit with No Cool Story and her Daily Hero in the lobby of our hotel. She was so nice to sit there and listen to me talk about myself for an hour. I love her so much!

(NCS and Annie not pictured.) :(

Also during our vacation I died and went to heaven. In case you didn't know, heaven is called Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. I went to Anthropologie and bought this...

Then we went to kid heaven, a place called John's Amazing Pizza Emporium and Puke Fest. Even though we shamelessly gorged ourselves, luckily, there was no puke to be had. Not even after the spicy peanut butter pizza and a few turns on the bumper cars. The steel-lined Payne stomachs prevailed again!

Despite newly sparked fires in the hills Malibu, as one reporter put it, "Where kids gather and build small campfires," (What? You can say b!?ch on TV but you can't say kegger?) our last day in la-la land looked like this...

So, now my California dreaming has come to an end and it's back to life as normal. Admitting your vacation is over can be a real kegger.


  1. welcome back! what a cute top from anthropologie..will you model it for us? i'm glad you had a lovely thanksgiving and vacation. was that seriously what the pizza place was called? puke fest? that is disgusting.

  2. :)
    Hey, did you know that's not the real Elvis?
    I love it when you talk about yourself and give me extra hugs. Makes me feel SPECIAL (en Español too!).

    Spicy peanut butter pizza? Wow, and people gave me a hard time when I ate a tiny little cricket.


  3. Not only I didn't get a picture BUT I forgot to pet your hair.


  4. I loved this posty! Soo cute :)

    That pizza place sounds amazing!

  5. Spicy Peanut Butter Pizza?! Was it good? It doesn't sound good.

    Your recount of the news cast clears up a lot of questions I had about the California fires;)

    Welcome back.

  6. Yeah... there's something wrong with the California news guys... for example: ours took drugs on the 10:00 news to show people the side effects. Yeah. I'm serious. Technically, it isn't an illegal drug here... so, you know, it's all good!


    My brain is picturing you and Super Happy Girl...who needs a photo? :D

    That is the cutest shirt! I bet you look gorgeous in it!

    Hooray for non-puking steel-lined tummies!!!

  8. So was the Peanut Butter spicy or was it the other part of the pizza that was spicy?

    And yeah, did the sign really say Puke?

  9. Who made up these blogging rules? Who says you can't LURK???

    Your kids were obviously wild with excitement to meet Elvis. Just look at their eyes.

  10. Looks like fun. I knew Elvis was still with us.

  11. Victoria Gardens is my mall! :) I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. When were you there/here? I was there/the mall, too. Did you eat at Lucille's? YUM! I did. And saw a movie, and went down "teen street" as I like to call it. (where you have Hollister, AE, Pac Sun, etc. all in a row)

    Does your family live near Rancho? I could ask you lots more questions, but I'll try not to scare you....

  12. There's just one thing left to say.
    Welcome home Annie.
    Welcome home.

  13. sounds fun, sorry about the absence of puke. maybe you could still get your money back

  14. HOLA ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back to that same old blog where you started from.(kind of) Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back....

    Hit the road Horshack--Annie ain't givin out no SPAM buffet for you. Go bother Mr. Kotter, why don't you?!!?

  15. Good recounting of the festivities! Lucky, California....pretty shirt, Elvix, NCS, peanut butter pizza...it is a perfect holiday!!

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