Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Annie has landed on the island."

I am still on MOUNTAIN standard time. That's 3:56 a.m.

We arrived in the late afternoon yesterday. Our home for the next few days is the 18th floor of the Embassy Suites.

I know what you are thinking. (see the blog description) "She must like that shirt, she wears it all the time." What can I say? A crisp white shirt is appropriate for many occasions.
The bathroom is nice. I've made myself at home already, notice the two curling irons.
I have nothing amazing to report yet. After dinner, we went back to the hotel,watched American Idol, and fell asleep. Yep! I am in paradise and I still take time to watch Idol. Poor Brooke, I don't think "Mormon vote" is powerful enough to save her this week.

Right after Idol, 8pm Oahu time, we fell asleep.

On the agenda today is a sunrise walk on Waikiki Beach and a hike at Diamond Head!

More pics later!


  1. 1st! I hope you have so much fun on your vacation! I'll be waiting eagerly for more pictures. :)

  2. P.S. Are you going to be able to see Wendy and her Tiki Hut? :)

  3. Oh I am BEYOND jealous! Where are the hula skirt and coconut bra pics?

  4. I am SOOO excited for you! :D

    You really are gorgeous!!!

  5. Seeing your pics brings back so many memories. Hubby and I went to Oahu last year and we LOVED it!

    I would ask you to pick me up a coconut bra but I don't think they make them that big.

    I can't wait to see more pics!

  6. cool!!!!!

    never been to Hawaii while I was awake and not under the influence of prescribed medication :)

    ITA about Brooke, but the dial idol site has her a little above Carly.. should be interesting....

    you do look beautiful!

  7. Thanks for sharing your fun with us.

  8. lovely crisp, white shirt, look beautiful! and i can't wait for more hawaii pics! don't forget..fruity drinks with umbrellas.

  9. There is like a pineapple right next to the alarm clock!!

    You look so pretty. I love your crisp white shirt (everyone knows Annie said "a CWS goes with everything")

  10. A hike at Diamond Head and Neil Diamond on AI next week.

    I personally would not want to walk along Neil Diamond Head Beach.

  11. That is a beautiful view.

    You are so gorgeous. It must be the get-a-way to a tropical place with SAM.

  12. But I always think you are beautiful. 'Specially in your apron;)

  13. You're so nice to take us along. Thanks! I've been wanting to get away =)

  14. sounds like such a fun trip is about to burst forth:) Brooke is safe!!!

  15. thanks everyone. iam working on uploading ashort video for you. typing on the lap top stinks. that mo' vote is more powerful than i thought. i didnt see the results show, i was at pf changs on waikiki beach walk. yom, lettuce wraps! no caps, i feel like i am channeling aubrey.smooch. headed to the beach today.


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