Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It may be déjà vu to you...

...but show me some "comment love" over at Mile High Mamas anyway.

You may have already heard that Cutie is engaged. Clickety to congratulate her and see her ring!

"I was never happier than the day I married Farmer Brown."

Cutie, may I suggest a vegetable theme for your bridal bouquet? Think about it and get back to me. (The vegetable bridal bouquet can be found at Tai Pan Trading Home Decor.)

Carronin and I had a great weekend in SLC with Elizabeth W and B. They are wonderful ladies with a fantastic sense of humor.

B. rocks at Rock Band and lives in a beautiful home on some amazing property. She is like the queen of world over there in the U.C.

E.dub is so cute you just want to put her box and tie a ribbon around her. She shares my love for all things Indian and swims like a fish!

We ate some great food, laughed a lot and shopped, of course.

I know you may be wondering, "Hey, where's is this week's post about American Idol?"

I know. I know. I tell ya, Inspirational Song week left me really uninspired. I wasn't jazzed about any of their performances. If you put a gun to my head and told me to pick a favorite, I'd close my eyes and pray for a blank.


  1. welcome back! i'm glad you had a fun time with some blogger chicks!

  2. So pretty, so beautiful...
    I'm glad y'all had a happy fun time :)
    EW swims like a fish? Ooh, do tell.

  3. I'm so excited you found the perfect bridal bouquet...thank you! Now I can just skip the whole florist thing! :)

  4. How fun!!

    Love the veggie bouquet!

  5. It's decided!

    I am getting that bouquet! I bet it is less expensive than the hot pink rose cascade bouquet I was going to order. Thank you!

    Umm, can I just say you are a babe and a half!? Because you are.

  6. i'm glad you had a great time. :)

  7. How fun :)

    "Taking one of your beets and putting it in my mouth would make me puke."

  8. I am so sad that I didn't know you were in Utah. I would have left work to come meet you.

    I am so glad that you had fun and made it home safe.

  9. "I'd close my eyes and pray for a blank." bwahaha...classic. I like it.


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