Thursday, April 24, 2008

Morning walk on Waikiki and hike up Diamond Head

View from the top of Diamond Head.

Near the top of Diamond Head: full hair

At the top: flatter hair

Secret Agent Man

Film crew on the beach, could they be from Lost? Hooray for new episodes!

That is Diamond Head behind me.

Sorry about the short descriptions. I don't like typing on the laptop.


  1. Oh, that's so cute! Writing your names in the romantic!!! Looks like you're having a good time. Thanks for bringing us along!

  2. Aww,how sweet! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  3. Aloha Annie! You sound so grown up on the phone. See you soon!

  4. Annie,
    Wow, I am jealous, it looks so beautiful in Hawaii. Get your snorkel on and have a guide take you to the giant sea turtles, they are gentle and beautiful.
    PS Did you sell the kids to the traveling show or somethin'?
    Im off to meet the beekeepers to help remove a swarm from GG park- I rock.
    Much Love from yer favorite latte drinkin BMW drivin elite dirty no good book reader in San Francisco

  5. You're totally skinny Annie!

    Love the pics.

    Still jealous.

  6.'re in Hawaii...and you didn't tell me? Well...its not like I KNOW you or anything but at least you could have called (if I had actually given you my number, that is). I LIVE in Honolulu you know. Anywho...ALOHA! Hope you are having a great time! I'm headed to the Dole Plantation tomorrow to ride the "train" and get some pineapple ice cream a.k.a. Dole Whip. :0)

  7. I am so, so jealous. SO jealous. Get a nice tan and think of me, k?

  8. So beautiful! Looks like so much fun!!

  9. Stop by Dukes and have a drink for me.

  10. Tag! See my blog for details. I hope you are having a great time.

  11. you are SO cute with your flower in your hair and your hot sunglasses and your beautiful (not flat) hair. i totally agree with the not liking to type on a laptop. and i loved the sweet video of you writing in the sand and s.a.m. filming it. how sweet!

  12. Yay! How fun! I am glad you and Secret Agent Man got to go to Hawaii. Me and the Tedface are gonna go to Hawaii for a wedding present from my aunt.

    I BET THAT WAAAAAS LOST! You are famous.

  13. how fun you are so sweet to have us w/ you it is so pretty and so are you two


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