Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Anniethology on Idol: "Idol, whooz ur daddy?" & Thanks "Mrs. Know-It"

The guys tonight blew me away. So much so that I am going to confess something right here, right now. The big confession is...

I can't remember the last time I voted. Maybe during the Carrie Underwood season... maybe. I know! Right?! Shocking! I am an American Idol maniac. But, I voted tonight. Boy, oh boy did I vote tonight! I voted over and over and over again for Jason Castro because "I don't want to see him cry."

I'm also impressed enough with David Cook to give him a new DNA match up.

David has graduated from Fraggle Rock to Kevin Bacon!

In other totally unrelated news...

I have a secret weapon in my arsenal of homemaking happiness. I have "Mrs. Know-it." Mrs. Know-It taught me how to replant my potted Peace Lily.

I was so excited, I repotted my Easter Lilies, too. I hope they bloom again. They smell so fragrant.

Mrs. Know-It doesn't like to be a called a "know-it-all" but, she has yet to let me down when I had a question.

Don't worry if you don't have your own "Mrs. Know-It," click here to borrow mine!


  1. Come on! This post has been up a whole ten minutes and no one has commented yet. I must be losing my bloggin' mojo!

  2. Tick-tock, people. I can only comment on my own posts for so long without looking pathetic.

    Too late.

  3. look at you with your american idol post already up. I actually wrote mine up and then saved it to be posted in the morning. You'll have to let me know what you think.

    yes, i totally get the diet coke in the morning- like I always say,
    "I like my caffeine cold"

  4. holy crap, i just looked at your side bar and there i was. what a sweet compliment- you just made my night! (and my side bar, I might add)

  5. Your Peace Lily is looking all gorgeous...and peaceful! ;)


  7. I'm totally checking out "Mrs. Know it."

    I haven't watched last nights AI, yet. I don't have to vote when I have a teen daughter to do it for me. Only she will only vote for David A. unless I tell her to vote for Jason or David C. for me. :)

  8. I love Kevin Bacon!
    I also love Jason!!

  9. I don't heart Jason. I liked him last nite, but his faces bug me. And I wonder if his dreads stink.

    I heart David Cook fer sher!

  10. I'm so glad that dude shaved off that patch of hair under his lip. Now I can look at him sing.

    If I did watch the show :)

    HEY! She really does Know-it-all!

  11. Yeah, boy! The guys did great. Emo Dave did ok at the end, but Jason Dreadlocks surprised me! Please, America, Please send Sy-no-sha home tonight!!!

  12. I don't remember the last time that I voted either. I am so addicted to it. I won't let any one in my family watch it before me. I record it. I insist that We must all watch together ( I don't want anyone to spil it).

    I loved the boys last night! Woohoo!

    Sorry I have been gone so long! I missed you!

  13. Nice job on the re-potting!!! They look great. Glad I could help.

  14. You know, I hadn't voted since Kelly and Justin...until two weeks ago when Hottie McAussie got all my votes. I'm still saddened by his departure! (BTW: did you ever notice that he looks like Tim Daly??) What are your thoughts on KLC leaving tonight, oh wise woman of Idol??

  15. Rather than borrow your Mrs. Know-it, I'd just rather borrow you. See you actually do it. The re potting. I'd probably just kill it. At least that's my track record.

    I tagged you. Come check it out.

  16. I had to wait to read this post until I watched both shows in case of a spoiler.

    Thanks for single-handedly saving Jason Castro. He's a cutie.

  17. I have to say that I am impressed with how wonderful your plants look. I have one that is on the may die any day. I seem to have lost my gree thumb or it could be pure neglect that is cause this problem.

    I think David Cook is awesome. Seeing how we are in Utah. My girls are rooting for "The other David".

  18. I do not get the appeal of Jason Castro. His eyebrows, his squinty eyes, his mass of dead hair, his whiny voice--he frightens me.

  19. Greetings and Salivations. I saw came over through Pedaling and wanted to say Howdy. Love your blog and will definitely be stopping by. My new goal in life is to win the comment of the day... Any insider tips?

  20. I came over from Pedaling and I must say. Your blog is delightful!

    I'll be back to take in more of this hearty goodness. Especially of the American Idol kind.


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