Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

Just kidding! I'm not converting my blog to "private."

Best Reaction goes to: B!

Oh, my goodness!!!
Have you gone private??
Are you going to invite me? Because I will be soooo hurt if you don't invite me!!
What happened?
Why did you decide to go private? Was there a threat on your life?
Or.......is it an April Fool's joke?
Whatevs, I love you no matter what.
Love, b.


  1. You SCARED me! Best AFD joke in a long while.

  2. Yeah....I went and pouted anon over at MAS Cowbell....I wasn't happy.....>:(

  3. ttl and sodak-tee hee. gotcha

    In case you missed it, my blog went private for like 10 hours today. If I got ya, ha-ha "April Fools!" If you missed it, oh well, it was funny.

  4. Whew. Glad I avoided THAT heart attack.

  5. Oh man I wish I had thought of that!

    In my case though,no one probably would have cared. :P

  6. I was just thinking...great, now I'll never get to read her blog again...I might as well delete her off my link list...she's gone private like everyone else keeps threatening to do and she didn't even warn anyone. You had me going BIG TIME. Now I'm going to go cry that I was so upset about it all in the first place...excuse me please...

  7. Bummer, I missed out on all the fun! :(

    Serves me right for not stopping by! :0


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