Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I ♥ October!

I leave the dead crickets on the front porch for effect.


Witchy Witch is motion activated. I love to see people jump when they approach the front door. Muwahahaha!

I love bacon. I love chocolate. The only thing that tastes better than chocolate is bacon. I think if I made and sold chocolate wrapped in bacon or bacon wrapped in chocolate.I would be rich. Really rich.I think I could make a bajillon dollars selling my chocolate/bacon combo. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) said that the economic crisis is not "our" fault."Our" being the regular people. He pointed the finger of blame at Bush and top business executives.They may have their culpability, but Harry Reid is wrong.Anyone who is living beyond their means is to blame.Any person or business who uses credit to pay the bills or make payroll is to blame.Anyone who bought a house with a mortgage they can't afford is to blame.A mortgage is a product. Just like chocolate wrapped in bacon. Just because chocolate wrapped in bacon is amazing, doesn't mean you have to buy it.Just because I will make it, market it, sell it, and feed it to you, doesn't mean you have to eat it. It's time the government, big business, and the regular people live within their means.And when I point the finger at you (not you, but you) I have three more pointing back at me.

Halloween 2003


  1. Say ola to Lewy from me! Hey foreclosure on a home is not the end. It's just the beginning of a new credit history.

  2. I (heart) your door! Wreath is beautiful and Witchy Witch is my kind of deco.

    I like the dead crickets, too. Very authentic :P

  3. Preach it sister!!!

    [May I have some of that chocolate covered bacon? Yum.]

  4. I really love the witch! The first thought that came to mind as I read about chocolate wrapped bacon. I wanted to ask, Are you expecting? LOL......I actually enjoyed the post.

  5. I love that witch! I have been out shopping today trying to find new Halloween things. I am getting sick of what I have. There is a lot of crap out there.

    Didn't you have a red door? Or am I making that up?

    I think you need to post more fall decor pictures.

  6. way to disguise that political commentary...very clever.

    love the live crickets; what other time could one get away with them on their doorstep.

    Harry Reid is a weasel, and oh, so wise..NOT (Oh, I could just kick him a good one)
    and if your bacon wrapped chocolate is so good that i cannot resist-and if my neighbor has some, then i should too-
    i am sure it is your fault that i spent my lifesaving on boxes full of this treat and you should be sued, held responsible, punished, for letting me lose everything while you profited.

  7. Your front door looks beautiful.

    Annie, could you do me a favor? I had to change my blog address and I was wondering if you could update in in the good mail page.


    Thanks honey bun!!!

  8. Little one and I were at walgreens and there is a snake that when you push the button, it STRIKES. Unfortunately, the angle it came down to, and the location of my daughter's head were the same, so not only it it scare her, it actually made contact with her. She screamed so loud she fell down. :D I thought I'd pee my pants right there.

  9. Elizabeth W's post makes me want to take my kids to walgreens..then when they are naughty I will threaten them with snakey.

    Love your wreath! Poor cricket must have died of a heart attack when he approached the witch.

    Totally agree with the chocolate covered bacon. Hubs and I were approved for a home loan a few months ago and they approved us for a high amount. I did the math and I know we would struggle with making payments on house for that price. It is definitely wise to use a mortgage calculator before you shop around.

  10. Love your witchy! She is fantastic.

    I agree who has gotten us in the poor position in the economy are the people who couldn't afford, but did it anyway.........However....we will all be affected. The people who are within their means, but still have mortgages, car loans, school loans etc. If the banks go under, their first line will be to call in due those loans in full.....scary.

  11. I'll be interested to see if/how your views change after tonights debate--

    You always crack me up!

  12. E-W's comment had me about to pee my pants.

    I gotta go to Walgreens.

  13. Chocolate covered bacon??? Ewwwwww!!!!! Sorry, but to me chocolate is sacred and you don't mess with it. That is just wrong.

    Though I do completely agree with your other statements about the state of our economy. However I take it one step further and lay additional blame on those who made it possible in the first place for John Doe down the street (who couldn't really afford a house, but they made it so easy to get one so he did it anyway) to get a mortgage with a miniscule downpayment. Oh and the credit card company that gave John Doe's teenage son (who didn't have a job, but hey he's 18 and he'll pay it back someday) 5 credit cards right out of high school with $5,000 credit limit each. Now it is up to you and me and every other American to pay for it (well except for John Doe and his son who have filed bankruptcy because they defaulted on their mortgage and/or couldn't afford to pay off their credit card debt). We'll cover theirs too.

  14. Oh, I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. Happy October. :) Love the cuties in the picture (the kids, not the crickets).

  15. love the porch. mmm chocolate covered bacon. not sure how it would sit on my currently upset preggers tummy, but it sure sounds good. let's see i could sale a kidney or a child to get a case or two right? totally agree with the commentary on the economy.

  16. annie, i LOOOOVE your door wreath. where did you get it? i want one. i was just thinking that i need some kind of wreath for fall and voila, here it is on your blog. beautiful. i am disregarding the chocolate bacon paragraph as it is making me gag.

  17. annie, i LOOOOVE your door wreath. where did you get it? i want one. i was just thinking that i need some kind of wreath for fall and voila, here it is on your blog. beautiful. i am disregarding the chocolate bacon paragraph as it is making me gag.

  18. The whole chocolate and bacon thing is making me gag, too. Blech.

    I couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately, all of us are stuck with it, even those of us who are very careful with our money.

  19. Okay, I'm listening to my Bollywood faves, Bombay Rockers right now, and then I get this overlapping Luis Miguel sound over it. Hmmm, someone should investigate combining the two. It sounds shizzarific.

    I only liked Luis Miguel during his shirtless/fierce eye days. You know when he sang that La Playa song? I don't care for his Mexican Frank Sinatra bit too much. My SIL's LURVE him, though!

  20. I was protected from the Walgreens snakey by the shelving that kept it striking head confined. I wasn't spared from getting leered at by an animated Chucky doll, though. Plastic pervert.

  21. Did you know that on the Food Network show "Dinner Impossible", Chef Symon made Chocolate Covered Bacon for their dessert? Everyone LOVED it! Just thought you should know!

  22. Your front porch looks so inviting, and Witchy Witch is MY kind of girl! The Halloween kids are super cute! :D

    I am VERY MUCH with you on your views concerning the problems with the economy!

    We just hosted a wedding celebration which was a bit on the expensive side (for conservative, frugal people like we've always been), but we actually SAVED UP the money ahead of time (gee, what a strange new idea!), and it is COMPLETELY paid for! We only use credit cards for convenience, and we pay the balance in full every month so there is never any interest.

  23. I love October also! but you already knew that. I love blogs. I have been "gone" from blogland for several weeks, but showed back up today to see what you have been up to.

    Happy October!!

    PS: How did the primary program go?

  24. Uh, you meant to say "Brother Reid"


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