Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin in my hometown, today!

I have my Palin `08 t-shirt in the dryer right now! More pictures to to follow. It's my goal to try to sit in the seats behind the stand where she speaks. Those coveted spots come by invitation only. When I went to her rally in Denver, a family behind us in line were invited to sit on the stand because they had t-shirts that said, "not aborted."

My strategy is to bring my boys in their cub scout uniforms and I will dress in my den mother uniform, borrowed from my mom, I don't have my own. I'll have my Palin shirt on underneath. I had to bribe my boys with the promise of Blizzards afterwards to get them to come.

It's a cloudy day here in Grand Junction/Fruita, but it's not dampening my enthusiasm in the least bit! Woot! Wish me luck!
P.S. I'm having my bangs cut today so I can look more like her.


  1. HI Annie!
    Well today is the big day! SARAH WILL BE HERE SOON.

    This is so cool.

    A friend of mine is so lucky- because, she will be the one that introduces Sarah to come on out.
    How fun for my friend!

    Happy Monday to you!!

    PS I am the First!!!!!

  2. Sweet. And this Annie, is why I love you so much!

    Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. I can't wait to hear about it either!
    I think you should sponsor a contest. Something like, whoever guesses the correct number of times she: uses the word 'maverick'/hockey mom; has poor grammar/winks at the audience will win a prize.
    The prize should be a "Someone in Fruita, CO" loves me t-shirt.

    I think the Den mama idea is superb!! Just be sure you're wearing a tight skirt and cute pumps, too. :) Although....come to think of it, Palin might not want such a Hot Fruita Mom right behind her, stealing her glory.

  4. I hope your TiVo is set! You gotta wink to all your OLFs!! Have a great time, and kudos to you for involving your kids in the political process first hand! This is a great opportunity for them, too!!

  5. Lucky girl. I wanna come. Will you tell me all about it, so I can feel like I was there? Of course you will. You are the best.

  6. You make me laugh. I hope that your strategy works out.

  7. Bring an umbrella, looks like rain.

  8. I can't wait for your book, "Annie's Guide to Being in the Right Place, at the Right Time"
    comes out!

  9. Girl, you are bomb! I hope you get a coveted seat one is as dedicated as yoU!

  10. I am so jealous! I saw on your local news stations web site that she was going to be there. Why couldn't she have made a stop before I left!!!!! Dang it! take some pic's for me if you can.

    PS: Your Secret Service guy in the last post looks like Doug Chapman. I did a double take.

  11. Well, dog gone it and bless your little heart!

    can't wait to hear if your strategy worked.....

    see there are advantages of living in a state so decisive in elections-


  12. I should have read this post first. But great idea with the cub scout uniforms.

    (I can't imagine a cloudy day would ever dampen your enthusiasm about anything ; )


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