Thursday, October 23, 2008

You have to have a Plan B

I love this picture that I have seen floating around the Internet(s). And I am sure it is to blame for why I can't go back to sleep this morning. My kids don't have school today, so I was hoping to sleep in, but this image popped in my head and I started to think about "what if."

"What if they don't win? What if these superstars of the political world don't reach their goal? Then what?"

That is a question I am asking all of you today. One of them is definitely not going to make it. I don't imagine them going back to their home states and continuing their politcal carrers. One of them is going to need career counseling. Here is your chance to give me some suggestions.

P.S. Whoever created this picture, I love them and their mad fotoshop skillz! That would have been a completely unstoppable partnership.


  1. I don't know...I'm just REALLY worried about so many things! :0

    I already voted, using the mail in ballot. Now I can ignore all the election mail that keeps coming.

  2. I loved it so much I had to put it on my ba-log too!

    I am very ascared about the election results.

  3. hmmm, very interesting question....let me think about that for a moment......

    sarah is smart, witty and quick not to mention, pleasant to the eyes. i can see her on a cable news network show...the female sean hannity perhaps? i hope she sticks around one way or another.
    and i am sure she could dance it up big time with the stars if she so desired....

    barako, well, he's a good front man, i guess. let's see, what can he do on his own, without a teleprompter. What ARE his qualifications and talents?...hmmmm, still thinking.
    Oh, I know, the folks in hollywood sure seem to like him. He is a decent actor....maybe he could be the next Denzel Washington?, i don't think so; not good looking or real enough; just not enough talent or experience to compete with Denzel at this point... how about the leading man along side Pamela Andersons next inspiring flick at the box office. Watch for him there!

  4. pedaling you are a RIOT. i couldn't stop laughing at your comment. well, i hope that if sarah loses, God help us, she would go back and continue to be the amazing governor in alaska.

  5. Hee, Hee.

    Well, regardless of who wins the election it is going to be a "first in history". All very exciting! I am certainly in the McCain/Palin corner.

  6. Pedaling!!!! :D

    Too many things to worry about :/ SO I try no to think about it so it'll go away.

  7. That picture is fantastic, LOVE IT!
    It made my day. Who's body did they put Sarah's head on is that Cheryl? Or, maybe it's Ashley DelGrosso? LOVE IT!

  8. That photo totally rocks!!

    Either way I agree with a lot of your commenters... we're in for it.

    I would peg Sarah for a talk show host - I hear The View needs another "conservative".

    And Barack - um, maybe they can find something for him to do in Chicago.

  9. I'm sure either one will have a fulfilling career on SNL

  10. I'll play:

    If McCain and Pailin win, Obama will become a lobbyist and Biden will become a lobbyist.

    If Obama and Biden win, McCain will become a lobbyist and Palin will become a lobbyist.

    Me, cynical? No way!

  11. Sarah will write an autobiography (she'll need a ghost-writer) and will later develop a show for E!--So you think you want to be a Vice-President?
    BO will write another autobiography/memoir (he's written 3 already). He'll run for re-election somewhere, somehow.

  12. If Obama doesn't win then he'll probably go back to being a community organizer so he can get more experience. He'll buy a summer home in Iran.

    Palin is too good for the freakish women on The View. She'll take up her new starring role in '30 Rock' and make Alec Baldwin move to Canada.

  13. Still here, still reading too many thoughts but nothing really that snappy or short. I did enjoy pedaling's remark though & chelli's

  14. How about this for a 2012 campaign ticket?


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