Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts for a Monday morning: An exercise in free-writing

My right ear is hotter than my left. I wonder how long it will take for the smell of bacon to go away. Now that I have typed out my ear, it itches. The boys need new pants. It's gone from summer to winter over night. How ordered frost? Last week I was a smart mom for having them wear shorts when it was so warm. Now I'm a neglectful mom for sending them to school in 39 degree weather. I'm a crummy mom. No, I'm not. I'm over the pity party. Just like that. That just happend. We need cereal, milk, lunch meat, paper towels, toilet paper, body wash, a different kind of toothpaste. That cinnamony stuff is too much like candy. I want my toothpaste to be more medicinal. I want it to feel like it doing something. Aquafresh Extreme Clean in that orangy flavor is nasty. I won't buy that again. Maybe is should pick up some Halloween candy while I am out. It's only going to get harder to find the kind I like. I like to pass out chocolate. Snickers, Twix, M&M's, something like that. There is going to be more trick o treaters this year. Halloween is on a Friday, no school the next day. They are going to show up later. Fog juice, we need more fog juice. I better write down my meeting for Wednesday or I'm going to forget. If it's not on "the brain" it doesn't exist. I feel sorry for anyone who is going to read this. Is this what they call "Stream of Consciousness?" Looking back. Shopping, toothpaste, the weather, chocolate and bacon. Why am I not surprised that I wrote about chocolate and bacon? It's like I always say, "The only thing that tastes better than chocolate is bacon." This has got to stop. I'm sure there is something better I could be doing with my day. It's Weekly Home Blessing Day. That's right. Thanks to the little Flylady in my head reminding me. Man, my kids are lucky. I shouldn't clean their rooms for them, but I will. I wonder if there is another piece of bacon left. I'm not gonna eat it. I'm not going to eat anything today. I'm just going to drink. I still feel full from yesterday and the day before. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is really cute. There was a part when I actually cried. "Find your inner bark!" I can't believed I typed that. This exercise is ovah.


  1. My favorite post.

    My favorite kind of writing.

    YOU are my favorite today.

  2. I have those thoughts running around in my head too!! haha. Maybe not about the bacon.

    Thanks for the great post!

  3. I love stream of consciousness writing. Especially when I know the author. Especially when it involves shopping, chocolate, and bacon.

    Annie rules.

  4. A trip into the mind of Annie. Interesting. What? No thoughts of fuzzy slippers?

  5. I just fell in love with you more. Me likey the peekie inside.

  6. I think I am trick or treating in your neighborhood - I need me some twix.

    And also this is the kind of exercise I can really get behind!

  7. I'm with Mrs. O. This is definitely good exercise.

  8. You're only drinking today? You shouldn't drink on an empty stomach!
    You should do a toothpaste poll. Maybe they make bacon flavored toothpaste! I can only find bacon flavored dental floss online, not toothpaste. Of course you are looking for medicinal anyway so bacon would not be a good choice!

  9. Annie, You're great. I love reading your blogs...they ALWAYS put a smile on my face.

  10. I don't like cinnamony toothpaste either. Strong mint is all I can do.

    My youngest told me she got sick with a cold virus because I made her ride her bike to school last week during the cool mornings. No matter what I said that was her thinking.

    Does fog juice taste good?

    Just kidding. I do know what it's for:P

  11. alright, that was even better reading the second time around.

    hope you got that new toothpaste, you know the right kind with the right flavor, today.
    what exactly are you drinking? something strong, i hope.

    hey, and i'll take anything, if this is what you want to give me, then i will take it!!

  12. Five Words: Arm and Hammer Advance White.

    Best toothpaste on the planet (and I've tried 'em all).

  13. Is that what this is called?! I just thought it was the way my brain works.

    Free Writing? Who knew?

    Well besides Annie...

  14. I would love to go buy Halloween candy, but then I'd have to go and buy it again because I'd eat it ; )

    You are so funny--and so brave (I just read a couple of your other posts)

  15. I've tried to explain to my husband that it is impossible to answer the question, "What are you thinking right now?" with one sentence.

    I'm with Yvonne. It does me no good to buy halloween candy until the day before Halloween.

  16. "Hotter" as in





    Who's judging that for you?

  17. Your such a wonderful writer. I admire that about you so much. Besides reading what ever you write.

    Recently it was brought to my attention that my writing is really bad. Makes me want to write even more. Find ways to improve my grammer and sentance structure. Because there is none. Guess I should have paid attention in school instead of fooling around all those years.

  18. Wow! You just described my brain! It's a wonder I can organize thoughts into a coherent post ;)

    I love it!

  19. I would like to try this sometime to see how it goes. Hopefully by the time that happens the fair housing committee won't have condemned the neighborhood...scary!


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