Thursday, March 6, 2008

Anniethology on Idol: Danny Noriega was good TV + "Idol, whooz ur daddy?"

I have to say that I am sorry to see Danny Noriega go. He was good TV. I thought I would have at least another week or two to post his DNA results. I made a call to the "Idol, whooz ur daddy?" lab and had the results rush delivered to the "Anniethology on Idol" desk.
Here are the results: Dim the lights, please.
Suzie Quatro a.ka. Leather Tuscadero

Adam Sandler as Little Nicky

Danny Noriega, now known as the 13th American Idol Runner up


  1. That lab has got it goin' on! (Said with my best DN head shake, pursed lips, and snapping fingers). I'm kinda sad to see him go, too. He was fun, and he actually had a good voice. But some of his hip shakes were a bit TMTH.

  2. I called it right with the 4 leaving... although, I didn't really care between Chikeezie and Danny. Danny actually has a great voice, but he was really starting to push the gayness factor to hard. Don't get me wrong, I have NOTHING against that, but before when he'd sing- he'd just sing and be awesome- this last time he added some really lame things to it-- like the hip shakes.
    Also, you DESERVE to go home if you are going to talk back to the judges (Simon) and mimic them and be disrespectful. That is the main reason I thought he'd go home...

  3. Alex, I'll take "slutty astronaut outfit wearers" for $200.

  4. LOL Millie!!

    I loved Danny's voice, but when I'm more masculine than a guy and he's prettier than me, it kinda wigs me out.

  5. Thorny Tree Lady led me here because on my blog I had been comparing A.I. contestants with current stars. I also pegged Luke Menard and Orlando Bloom (I'll miss looking at him, not necessarily listening to him). I LOVE your comparison of Amanda and the zebra, but do you also think she looks a little like Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray?!? Hello!!
    Here's another comparison I found: Kerri Russell and Kristy Lee Cook. Check it out...
    Personally, Danny just got to be too much for me and I was relieved when they let him go.

  6. hey annie, no, I didn't play the banjo, I tried talking my hubby into staying home from work to help me with the song, he plays guitar, I had one day to write it, so I cheated and used music from online. LOL!!!

    funny blog!!!

  7. I think her sister, Pinky, was my first preteen crush on an older woman.

  8. SI!! HAHAHA!

    Fashionista was sad to see him go, she really really liked him :D
    Good voice, but girl! he was flamin' big time.
    Fashionista enjoyed this very very much.

  9. I totally forgot about Leather Tuscadero! I think I had that haircut too!

    Danny and Rosie should be quite happy together.

  10. A friend of mine said, Danny "Ain't No Closet Big Enough To Hold Him In" Noriega.

    That about summed him up for me.

    I didn't like him at all. We all cheered when he got the boot. I guess the GLBT groups focused on voting for David Hernandez instead of throwing it to Noriega. Hey, two gay dudes, but David is actually attractive and can sing and is infinitely less annoying. Danny was like a walking steretype.

  11. I'm not sorry to see him go... love the "whooz ur daddy" series :)


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