Thursday, March 6, 2008

Anniethology on Idol: The Girls languish in the 80'z

Again, the girls are picking up the scraps after the guys. It's the guys competition to lose this year.

I can't believe that of all the dance and british invasion music of the 80's they had to chose from, most of them picked boring ballads.

Although, I do have to give Brook White some props, I liked her version of "Love is a Battlefield." Paula was right though, it could have used a little more band. As much as a liked the acoutstic version, I would have liked to hear her sing it straight. I think she could have pulled it off.

I think I got to Amanda O. She's read my blog and is hurt by my pictures of her possible parentage. For the record, I did say in the comments that, in reality, she does have a very attractive mother. She didn't look in the camera once during her performance last night. Did you notice? I didn't want to deflate her. If she can't handle a few good natured ribbings from a "mom blog" then this biz isn't for her. She did look WAY better last night, don't ya think?

"Don't listen to me, Amanda. You go out there and do your best. Don't think about me and my DVR and my digital camera, taking crazy still shots of you and putting them on my blog. Just do your rock thing and fahgetaboutit."

I have no prediction on who should go. Take `em. Take any of them. I don't care.

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  1. Amanda did a great job last night. Carly has "mad vocal skills." And pretty Irish eyes. She's about the only girl that can compete with the guys. Bye Bye to Miss No Personality Who Has A Bad Attitude...Kady. Can't stand her attitude, and she BUTCHERED Queen. And haven't the ladies learned anything in 7 seasons? NEVER sing: Whitney, Mariah, or Christina. Was Whitney Houston the ONLY singer in the 80's?? Asia'h is adorable, but I'd put good money she or the Oregon chick is gone.

  2. The skunk actually looked her age last night.

  3. did you see amanda's fiance? he was hot!!!!

    and Carly's mom is gorgeous!!!

    Annie a friend pointed me over to your blog. you crack me up!!!

    you should visit my public message board too, there are only a few of us even commenting, but anyone who wants, please join me at world crossing dot com and find the board called american idol anyone?

    also you have to check out a song I wrote for a local radio station about amercian idol.... my blog is taylor-tidbits at blogspot.

    your blog is hillarious!!!!

  4. my pics to go home tonight are Luke, chikizie, Kady and Kristy

  5. I thought Brooke did great. Amanda did good too, but it's kinda like the same old thing with her. She did look better.


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