Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anniethology on Idol: "Idol, whooz ur mama?"


If she makes it through another week, it's only because she is pretty. That crazy country number stressed me out. It made me want to throw a cowboy boot at something.
Lamb Chop


Don't say that you don't see the resemblance. This is the first week that I am actually rooting for Brooke White. Her emotionality was so tender and her song was amazing. Since the "Golden Boy" David Archuleta forgot his words, maybe the Mormon vote will swing the other way toward Brooke tonight.

I think the best performance tonight was a tie between Brooke and David Cook. I will predict that either David Hernandez, due to his bad publicity, or Kristy Cook will go home tomorrow.

Update: Goodbye David Hernandez. It's hard being right all the time. It's a solemn responsibility. I promise to use my powers for good.


  1. I voted 20 times for Brook

  2. So sad for David. :( Brooke was great!!!

  3. David screwed up but I think the fact that he almost cried in his interview about how nervous he was probably helped. His voice is so pure that even when he sings the wrong song choice he sounds great.
    I think your predictions are right on.

  4. I have to admit, you are SO good at putting together parentage for these idol kids. WOW! you hit it right on the nose every time!

  5. I agree with your predictions for tonight.
    I LOVE LOVE your lamb chop/brooke resemblance, I totally get it!!

    I think Amanda's hair looked like vanilla/chocolate swirl pudding tonight.

    Carly did great. The australian did good/he's cute. David Cook did good on the chorus only...I couldn't make out the song before then. David Archie might be too cute/young to win the competition.

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I love the lamb chop comparison!

  7. I was putting on a big Relief Society birthday party last night... I'm hoping to squeeze it in today. I'm anxious to see what happened to David.
    I do like Brooke, but so far Carly has been my favorite girl by far.

  8. I'm with you, David Archuleta screwed up, as did Kristy. what about Michael Johns, I thought his performance was great?

  9. yeah, I loved Brooke too. But I didn't vote for anyone. I hope David H. goes. He grosses me out now.

  10. Ooh! Those crazy eyes she(Kristy) was making too when singing that mess of a song--made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

  11. Hey Nan.....your lips kinda match glitters shoe!! Cool!

  12. seriously I come here for Idol chatter. After every night I look forward to your banter. Hilarious.
    I have to say my favorites last night were Chuckie Cheesie (cheekizi?) Brooke and Dred Boy.
    I love Dred Boy. He's humble. Unlike Dave Cook who thinks he's the shiz. I hate vain boys and he must spend alot of time in the morror to cover his thinning hair.
    Just sayin.

  13. A Hard Day's Night would have made a better choice to be countrified. What Kristy did made me feel like the time I was on a bad trip at the 4H County Fair after eating a questionable corn dog.


    I know she's a cowgirl, but I hate that weird bow-legged thing she does all the time like she's on the horse.

    My kids all agreed that Idol is boring this year. We probably won't watch anymore until the finale.


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