Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things I learned from American Idol

Brook White dances like Elaine Benes.

Ryan prefers Chikezie's sweat to David Cook's spit.

David Archuleta only licked his lips 4 times. (I don't think that is a lot, E-dub. Carronin said that it might be a nervous habit and he didn't seem very nervous this week.)

Syesha: "♪ There's a dark cloud hanging over me. ♪"
Me: "Yeah, it's called the Bottom 3." Ouch.

Chikezie can go from Brian McKnight to Taylor Hicks in the flash of a harmonica.


  1. I agree with Simon, most of the time. He was wrong about Carly tonight....she's talented and sounded great!

    Everybody was kinda weird tonight...I had had enough of the Beatles last week, why did they do more??

    Even though his song was weird, the Australian is just HOT!! And I love his voice. But what's his name?

    The dred boy is really cute, but the dreds are looking skeezy....(not to be confused with Chikezie).

    The End.

  2. If Michael Johns sang like David Cook, he would win. If David Cook looked like Michael Johns, he would win. If I was 20-something and could sing, I would win!

  3. You are so right about Brooke. That was just painful to watch.

  4. Who?

    All I know is that David Cook's hair bothers me, but he did great last week (which I fast forwarded through) and that Michael Johns tiene un no se que, que que se yo :)

  5. I'd vote for you Annie.
    With all my phones.

  6. totally LMBO Annie at the Elaine comparison. LOLOLOL!!!

    come over here to see my recap from last night:


    and thanks about the Tina Fey compliment. I am also told I look like Marly Madlin (sp?) but I think I am much more bulbus than those two LOL!

    I'd so win this year if I could sing LOL!

  7. They cut away from him at the end of every phrase b/c that it when he licks. You watch closely and you'll see I'm right.
    They've figured out he's a liplicker and they're trying to minimize the amount of times we have to see it.
    Here's what I learned about AI. 2 hours is a heck of a lot of AI. Even without commercials. Simon is the only person with any sense. Paula would find something nice to say about the way I sing and dance. Randy is mamby pampy.

    Thus spoke Elizabeth.

  8. I was just thinking how sad it is that turtles don't have lips to lick.

  9. In case you missed it, last week Ryan rubbed his hands on Chikezies sweaty head, but this week refused to put his mouth on the same microphone-thingy that David Cook used.

  10. Honestly - I was pretty unimpressed last night. And if they decide to do another night of the Beatles... I will cry...

  11. Here is my 2 cents.
    b. is right Micheal Johns is hot!
    Annie could win AI if she could sing.
    Brooke can't dance but she is adorable.
    David Cook needs to give up that comb over and shave it off already.

    E.W.-who are you calling a liplicker you cootie queen (sorry I couldn't resist.)
    Simon is the only one with any sense.
    Paula is a Nutter Butter!
    Randy, Randy, how you doing, check it out dawg, you're too predictable.

  12. my carroni speaks the truth.

  13. Love it Carronin!!

    I noticed the lip licking (who wouldn't?!), but I didn't want to mention it because he is so stinkin' cute.

    I really like Jason Castro and David Cook and Michael Johns. The guys are awesome this year.

    The whole sweat thing was gross.

    Annie-don't you have an audition video you made in your car??

  14. Brooke needs to hold a guitar or something... she is so awkward!

    David needs not be so NERVOUS. He even makes me nervous just watching him.

    I LOVE AUSSIE ACCENTS... and men (that is why I married one)

    I also like Carly.

  15. Annie, where are your comments about who got sent home?

  16. you have given me a new out look on American Idol.


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