Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Anniethology on Idol: "Idol, whooz ur daddy?"

Whooz ur daddy, David Cook?

Gobo Fraggle of Fraggle Rock!

So that is where all the rock talent comes from! That makes total sense.

I am not the only blogger on Al Gore's Internets making likeness comparisons with the Idols, but I am certain that I am the only one who has come up with possible DNA matches with the likes of Lamb Chop and Fraggle. I am the only one bold enough to make comparisons outside our species. Oh yeah!

Simon has critized David for looking too self-assured. That is laughable coming from him! But, he is misreading David's facial expressions. He is taking raised eyebrows for over-confidence, which, in fact is not what he is doing at all. The raising of the eyebrows while he sings is just a way to make his giant forehead look smaller. I know this, because I have used this trick myself. If you have a forehead wider than four fingers, you know what I am typing about. (You are putting your hand up to your forehead and checking right now, arent ya?) Watch it tonight. You'll see for yourself. You know I'm right.

There ya go! You have two things to watch out for tonight. Count how many times David Archuleta licks his lips and how many times David Cook raises his eyebrows. Report back after the show. You know I will!

(Oh, the microscope we put these kids under, it's shameful, really shameful. Am I ashamed? You know I am.)

Update: David and David made a liar out of me! Obviously, they read my blog before the show;) There was absolutely no eyebrow raising or lip licking to be had.
In fact, David Cook is making me a believer. (I can't believe I am saying that.) I loved the version of Billy Jean he sang. They definitely saved the best for last.
Everyone else as great, too. This is an amazing season. Except for Kristy Lee Cook. Simon was right when he said she made a "clever" choice in song. She is going to need the patriotic vote to stay in the competition. The judges were even more clever for not calling her out on it. That would just enrage the red-neck, Dixie Chick hatin' crowd. Don't get me wrong, I love my country, but it's going to take way more than that country fair-esque version of "God Bless the USA" to save her from the bottom three this week.

Just keepin' it real.


  1. I've known a few girls in my old ward that I always said looked like Fraggles. Maybe they are related to David??

  2. Fraggles...heh heh heh. I always thought he was the offspring of Serge from Beverly Hills Cop and Rosie O'Donnell in her Flock of Seaguls hairdo days. I also like to count how many guitar picks he flicks out into the crowd.

  3. (uh, that was me. signing in under my nephew's account. oops.)

    If I were a drinking man, I'd say you've come up with a great college drinking game here...do a shot when you see David A lick his lips!!! But since I'm a mormon lady, I think I'll pass on the whiskey and just eat a jelly bean every time that happens. Cavities, here I come!!!

  4. That hair thing under his lower lip totally turns me off.
    Buy I like his voice. I think I'll just listen to him sing.

  5. I am not the only blogger on Al Gore's Internets making likeness comparisons

    True, but you are the only one that SHG and I care about.

  6. Too funny! I reached up to measure my forehead before I even read the next line...incidentally, my forehear is about 3 1/2 fingers wide.

  7. I knew he looked familiar. Clearly, we are all Doozers. I call Crusty.


  8. I thought Cook looked pretty good tonight.....he sounded good, I just didn't like his take on Billy Jean.

    What the hell song was Archie singing? He did not lick once!!

    I agree with you on Kristy...smart choice, I still rolled my eyes.

    Michael Johns was super hot.

    I felt very old tonight after watching these children perform. Very old. Brooke and Every Breath are the same age? Seriously?? Ugh!!

  9. Syesha was my fav tonite. I'm glad she is back to curly hair.

  10. HAHAHAHAHA! Anniethology, excuse me for a moment....

  11. OK I am back. I was busy bowing to you on the floor.

  12. To be honest, David A. actually did lick his lips twice. If you watch on play back you'll see them, but it wasn't nearly as obsessive as it has been, thank heavens!!

    Who's going home? Can we be so lucky to finally say good-bye to Kristy? Maybe Ramiele and her best friend?

  13. Outside our species, OH YEAH!

    You crack me up! :D

  14. I missed the lip licking....but I applaud his obvious effort!

  15. I listened more than watched last night. I felt old, too, b.!

    And by the way, I checked my forehead.

  16. I have to disagree with the Fraggle look a-like. I think David Cook with his huge forehead looks more like Jimmy Neutron. Just sayin'.

  17. I don't get the fraggle rock thing either......fraggle rocks don't even HAVE a forehead.

    My forehead is getting longer. I'm going to get bangs to cover it.

  18. David's Billy Jean grew on me as he sung it. What I really love about him is that he takes the songs and then creates his own and I love that. He will have no problem after all is said and done. I think he's got it.

  19. I love Chris Cornell. It irritated me to no end that David Cook didn't own up to the fact that he ripped Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean. I mean, everybody knows it, just give the man some cred while you're up there, you know?

    It's his eyes that bother me. He has no pupils. He is a future lead role in a demon movie just waiting to happen.

  20. Hey, I saw a lip lick! Love your idol pics--they're so right on.


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