Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meme from Dedee

The talented writer, quilt maker, deep thinker Dedee tagged me for a meme. I am more than happy to oblige her, because I am a fan.
1--What color most describes you and why? Are you blue? Green? If green, are you forest or hot or pear? Or are you a brownish-orange color? Or are you the vibrant red/purple that can only be found in a sunset? There are lots of colors in this world, pick one or two. Or does it depend on the mood?
If you were to look in my closet right now you would think that my favorite colors are turquoise and brown. But, at this very moment my favorite color is Glittersmama's walls. Please tell me what brand and color of paint that is.
2--What smell most reminds you of your childhood home and why?
The first thought that came to my head was lilac. We had a lilac bush below our bedroom window. I loved the smell when it bloomed in the spring.
3--What is your favorite article of clothing and why?
I just bought a leopard print blouse. I love it because not everyone can pull of leopard without looking like a street walker or a retiree.
4--If you could meet a President of the United States of America, living or dead, which one would it be and why?
I would like to meet John F. in the hopes that he would bring Jackie.
Side note: My favorite Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis quotes.
"I always wanted to be some kind of writer or newspaper reporter. But after college... I did other things."
"I think the best thing I can do is to be a distraction. A husband lives and breathes his work all day long. If he comes home to more table thumping, how can the poor man ever relax?"
"I want minimum information given with maximum politeness."
5--If I were to visit you and want you to take me to the place in your town/city that you love most, aside from you house, where would it be and why do you love it?
What? You wouldn't want to just sit around my house and watch me blog?! That's weird. Okay, whatever. Well, Fruita is a great little town. I would take you to see Fruita's most famous non-human citizen Grrrreta the Dinosaur. Then we would go to the Hot Tomato Cafe for a stromboli made by my friend Jen. Then I would take you to get your picture taken with the Mike the Headless Chicken statue, because you have to have your picture taken with Mike. A trip to Fruita wouldn't be complete without a tour of the Colorado National Monument. Then we would end the day with a visit to the snow cone stand. Tigers Blood is my favorite flavor.

Monday, July 30, 2007

"You're jedi mind tricks will not work on me."

I thought that my mind was too strong to let the marketing machine with it's constant deluge of messages of commercialism and consumerism effect what I buy.
That is until I saw the Reece's Peanut Butter Cup commercial with New Order playing in the background.
My mind immediately combined the taste of the sweet chocolate and the creamy peanut butter with the memory of being a boy crazy and talktative fourteen year old girl at a church dance showing the world, every other Saturday night, that my sister and I were the best dancers on the gymnasium floor. We did some of our best moves to Bizzare Love Triangle.


"She's a genius."

My Mini Me is a skinny mini. In my bathroom this morning, I tried to safety pin her skirt so it fit better in the waist. As I worked to secure the pin I accidently poked Mini Me in the arm. I quickly apologized and checked for blood.
She said, "Mom, why can't they give those things a name that tells the truth about them? It shouldn't be called a safety pin."
"What would you call it, Mini Me?"
"I would call it a pokey pin, not a safety pin."


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Charm Thursday & Bigsistah vs Lisa Rinna

Clickety here to see my latest and greatest, never seen before article for the Daily Sentinel.

My Bigsistah, also known as the resident wardrobe consultant, Fashionista, asked me to post her celebrity look a-like photo. She just got her hair cut like Lisa Rena. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Proof that I am a mean mom.

I took my kids to I.H.O.P this morning for breakfast, instead of Denny's like they wanted. When I asked what the difference was they replied, "The food comes faster at Denny's." As if!

We went to the lake yesterday, but they didn't get to swim because there was lightening nearby. I promised I would take them to the pool today to make up for it. They didn't remember the promise and I didn't remind them. They played video games most of the day.

When one of my sons almost puked from picking up dog poop in the yard, I yelled out the window, "Just hold your breath! If you don't breath in, the smell won't make you gag."

I had four squares of chocolate. I ate them all and didn't share with them. When they came in the room and asked what I was eating I said, "Vitamins."

Monday, July 23, 2007

Memory Monday

I have 19 minutes to write this until it was actually Tuesday.

I bet it wouldn't surprise you to know that I was a hyper child. It took three years and three distinct events to bring me down a few notches. Anyone who knew me back then would have a hard time believing that I am a calm, cool, and collected adult now. (Ahem)
When I was 12, I spent a week camping with girls from my church. At the end of the week I was given the "Voices Carry" Award. This "honor" came to me because everyone was always telling me to shut up as in the lyrics to the song "Voices Carry" by the band 'Til Tuesday. You remember the one, "... he said shut up, he said shut up... oh won't you please keep it down... voices carry..." You would think I would have taken the hint, but no.
The next summer when I was 13, I annoyed my older brother to the point that he turned me upside down and banged my head on the floor. This incident sent me to the emergency room for a mild concussion. Again, you would think that I would start to evaluate my behavior, but no.
Finally, the summer of my fourteenth year, on our way home from a mid-week activity at church, I finally received the comeuppance that changed my life. My sister, Carronin was driving my friend and I home. When we came to a stoplight, my friend and I got out of the car and did a Chinese Fire Drill. Carronin threatened to leave us if we got out, but we were not to be deterred. She did as promised and drove off through the intersection. I ran after her without stopping, looking, and listening. I was hit by a car coming the other way. As I was flying through the air I thought to myself, "This is just a bad dream and I am going to wake up at anytime." My sister, my friend, and the other driver quickly came to my aid and an ambulance was called. I don't know if I tried to get up, but I laid there on the ground until it got there. Miraculously, I had no broken bones or serious injuries, just really bad road rash. I feel sorry for the driver, I literally came out of nowhere. There was no way to avoid what happened. I believe his insurance paid for the whole thing. My accident happened just before I started high school. Word got around school about what had happened to me, some people even said that it was Carronin who hit me with the car. I thought that it was pretty cool that I was just a lowly freshmen, but people were talking about me.
That near death experience mellowed me out a lot. Instead of being hyperactive and talkative middle schooler, I went on to be a boy crazy and talkative high schooler. Which was worse? I do not know.
Doh! Too late, it's already Tuesday.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hand knitted with love.

I want you all to know what an amazing friend I have.
Tama is one of my few IRLF's (in real life friends) hence, I blog. She serves with me in the church. She is one of those people you can always count on. I couldn't do it without her. Tama is also a very honest person. She is truthful with others and true to herself. She has no need for pretense. I admire this about her so much. She is gorgeous, I mean really gorgeous, and super talented in so many different areas. I just love her so much.
Yesterday, Tama stopped by house with a gift. It's not my birthday, just because. She hand knitted me a pair of socks. My description cannot do them justice, but they are obviously well executed and so soft! Tama included a letter with the note (I hope she doesn't mind that I share it) about what hand knitted gift represents.
I wanted you to know how special a hand knitted gift is so I am including this note.
A hand knitted item is more than a bunch of loops strung together. For every stitch there is an event, a memory, a thought, a musing, or a moment of my life.
As I made this pair of socks I sat and watched (
her daughter's name
) get her first salon hair color. I thought about how beautiful she is and is becoming, how good she is--loving, fun, helpful, and how much I love her.
I worked on your socks as I sat and read your blog and comments and thought about how clever, funny, intelligent, and fun you are and how fortunate I am to know you.

I worked on them as I rode in the car visiting with my husband about everything from the everyday to our dreams and plans for the future.
I finished your socks on the way to Wyoming, as I looked out the window and marveled at the beauty of the earth and how our Father in Heaven must truly love us for giving us so much variety in our surroundings.

I watched as each geologic layer shifted and changed to reveal the next and how the earth must have looked as each layer was deposited.
These socks are the record of this time in my life. Wear them and fill them with memories of your own.

That I will do! I couldn't do anything as nice for her as she did for me, so I thought I would just share my good fortune with all of you. I loved her letter and how it made these beautiful socks mean even more to me.
Thank you, Tama. I am honored to have you in my life.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celebrity Look-alike Pictures

I wanted to put one of those Mr. Linkie boxes on this post. I paid him ten bucks, but I still can't figure out how to get it on here. Ugh! Humpf! Dagnabit!
So consider yourselves all "tagged" to do one of your own Celebrity Look-alike pictures (disguises optional for those of you who are camera shy) and then leave me a comment so we can all come have a look.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trying to Get my Blogging Mojo back.

It's amazing how hard it is for me to get back into the swing of things. I have blogged almost daily for over a year. I take a few days off and I feel like I am going in slow-mo. Any advice?
I have a Little Writer in my brain that is always telling me what to post next. (Think Ratatouille, but instead of a rat let's picture a cute little pixie with a medium point, black ink pen.) My Little Writer needs to be informed that I am back in the saddle, er... uh, my office chair and I am ready for a little inspiration. So until she gets off her lazy little tutu and tells me what to write,
I will write you about Good Mail! Thank you Allison, Dedee, Awesome Mom, Polly, and Kate for the gorgeous Good Mail I have received lately. If you have sent me something and I have forgotten to mention you, please forgive me, the top of my desk is a disaster right now. Your little cards and goodies give me something to smile about after walking to the mailbox in 100 degree weather. Whew!

Someone is getting this and this!

Hintity hint. One is in Washington and the other is in Texas. Similar packages are also going out to Arizona and Mississippi! Yeah for Good Mail Girls!

If you want to be a part of the Good Mail Movement e-mail Tori, Melissa, or RibbonRockstar to join their ever growing address lists!
*** Clickety Here to wish my dad, Big Rich, a very Happy Birthday!***

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Boyfriend's Back!

Secret Agent Man is home after an extended absence. I am going to ignore my blogging duties for a few more days.
Feel like wasting a few minutes of your life? Here is video to tide you over until I get back.
The Original
And to clear the palette, watch The Spazzy's sing,"Paco Doesn't Love Me."

Monday, July 9, 2007

Talk is cheap

Boy 2: Mom can we ride our bikes.

Me: No, I've been really busy today and I just want to relax. I don't want to come outside and watch you. (In 100 degree weather)

Boy 2: (whining) Come on, Mom!

Boy 1 : Lay off. Mom has done a lot for us today. (Atta boy!)

Boy 2: Okay. (Defeated)

Me: Thank you, Boy 1, for sticking up for me. (Proud Mother)

Mini Me: Do we get anything for sticking up for you? (Always negotiating)

Me: How about my undying love?

Mini Me: No. I mean something that shows us you love us. (Too smart for her own good)

Friday, July 6, 2007

"Like, fer sure!" * Good Mail Report * Product Endorsement *

I've been nominated for "Head Cheerleader," over at An Island Life for Kailani's Bloggy Hoss Elections.
First response, "I didn't know b.'s husband had a blog."
Actually I was never a cheerleader, I was a pom pon girl, but...whatever... right?!
I am nominated with the Behemoth of Giveaways, 5 Minutes for Mom, (no linkie for you, sister, you don't need it). So, you do the math, because I can't! "Rah-Rah-Rah-Sis-Boom-Bah!"
Thanks to whichever one of you dollies nominated me. As a gift to you, I will do your hair for Homecoming. I know. That is what makes me so nice.
Good Mail Report: Thank you Carrot (Cute message on the box), PJ (I've carried the lip balm in my front pocket ever since), Mom2Princess (My carpet appreciates the invisible Kool-Aid), JeanKnee (Love Jean Knee and her polka dots!), & Chel (Mike & Ikes eaten before pictured.)
Product Endorsement: I've already written too much and my brain is getting tired. Try Hershey's Whole Bean Chocolate for chocolate enjoyment with a little less guilt. Too good to share with the kids.
I am having hard time getting my pictures to do what I want them to do. Maybe I need to invite some of those pimply-faced future billionaires from Technology Club to come over and help me. Darn it, that means I will have to record TRL.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Green is the new black!

If green really is the new black, then I am stylish and environmentally conscious. Look at the purse I bought today at JCP*nny for $5.97!

Don't read my blog today. Go see More Cowbell! She has a message for you from Father Al.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Anniethology Lifestyle Tips, Bath Towel Edition

As an avid consumer of goods, Iam always looking out for the best quality at the best price. Even when it comes to bath towels. I have consumer tested, for a year and a half, bath towels from Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart. My finding is that the Walmart towels have maintained their color, shape, and dry-ability just as well as the towels I paid more for at Bed Bath and Beyond.
The gray towels are mine. They are from BB&B.
I paid $10.00 per bath towel. They are the Sensation brand.
The brown, blue, and yellow towels are the kids. I bought them at Walmart. I paid $6.00 per bath towel. They are the Home Trends brand.
I have owned both sets for a year and a half. I am still happy with the quality and durability. I will concede that the BB&B towels are an inch wider, but as far as quality goes, in this case the Walmart towel meets the BB&B towel for quality and beats it in price.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Confessional

What is it about Sunday's that make me want to bear my soul? I have something I am ready to confess. It's a burden I have born for awhile now. It's not anything I struggle with anymore. It's an addiction I have already dealt with and have successfully replaced with blogging. I have to tell someone. I know this isn't a little booth, with a screen and a mild mannered man of the cloth dozing on the other side, but this forum will have to do.
Before I discovered blogging I wasted my time on the computer with Neopets and Zuma.
I own/owned four Neopets, complete with Pet-pets and Pet-pet-pets. I have a Neohome and over 1 million Neopoints. Do have any idea how many wasted hours 1 million Neopoints represents. I would probably have a lot more too if I hadn't wasted so much of it on the "Luck Games." That is just a nicer name for Neopet gambling.
Zuma was my other obsession. I made it all the way to space. You didn't know there was a Space Level? After you go as far as you can go and you think you have finally won the game, a space ship comes and picks you up and take to up the stars to play a free flowing weightless game that is near impossible to beat. I have never done it.
Yep, that's it. There you have it. I think blogging is a major step up from those days. Now that you know, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am going light 17 candles and recite 50 Hail Mary's.
Now it's your turn. What is your Sunday Confessional? Don't worry, I won't judge.