Friday, December 21, 2007

Addictions, Advice, and Appreciation

The No.2 Breakfast Meal from McDonalds. "I wish I could quit you."
Need some help putting together an outfit for your next Christmas party? Clickety here for Lori's wardrobing advice for dressing for the holidays.
Thank you to Hairyshoefairy, SoDak Angel, Cutie and Cutie's Mom, Flakey Sarah, Aubrey, Mom2princess, Tori, and E-dub for the Christmas cards and goodies you sent. You all are great and it made me smile. Thanks again! Smooch!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Confessions of a 24 year-old virgin

My older sisters were full of advice about sex. Some helpful, some practical, and some was just to test my gullibility. They had gone through it before and wanted to help make my transition from vestal virgin to sex kitten a smooth one, as well as get a few laughs in for themselves.

Their advice was three-fold: 1) Get on the pill three months before your wedding. 2) Spend your wedding night in your own home. And 3) whatever you do, don’t fall off the goat!

Click here to read more at Mile High Mamas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

You, Me and New York City

Thanks Fashionista for coming down to NYC from Boston to spend the day with me.
Fellow Bollywood Super Fan Elizabeth W and Me at my first screening of a Bollywood film in a movie theater. "Ommmmm Shanti....Ommmm!"

Carronin and Me at NBC Studios

B. and Me in Time Square

SoDak and Me with the angels in Rockefeller Center

Maria was here. The graffiti on the sign in the subway says, "My grandbaby father be locked up AGAIN!"

Carrot and Me overlooking Central Park
Elastic and Me in Grand Central Station

NCS and Me in Saks Fifth Avenue

Millie and me in Rockefeller Center in front of the famous Christmas tree

Aubrey and Me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

__________ and Me with New York's Finest

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Small town girl, big city dreams.

I've had my passport stamped a few times, but I have never been to New York City. Secret Agent Man is currently on assignment across the river in New Jersey. He's flying me out to spend a long weekend with him in the Big Apple. I try not to get involved in his super secrety third world dictator-toppling missions, but the chance to stand under the Time Square webcam and wave hi to all my bloggy friends (More on that to come.) was too good to pass up. We also have tickets to see The Lion King the musical on Broadway. I'm glad the strike is over. I didn't anything standing in the way of me getting my hakuna matata on!

Do you have any advice for this small town gal's visit to the city that never sleeps?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nine years later, I'm glad I didn't make a run for it

Click here to read my latest column for the Charm page of The Daily Sentinel.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas, Anniethology Style

I believe that whenever you are decorating it is good to have a theme. Something to focus your ideas, colors, and choices. This year I wanted to have a Florentine Christmas theme, as in Florence, Italy. Here are some pictures from whence I drew my inspiration.

Somehow I needed this theme to work with what I already had in my home. I decided to go with a non-trad color of roses to blend in the furniture. That coordinated the Florentine colors with the ones that already existed in the room.
The silk roses and ornaments came from Michaels. My favorite ornaments are the heart-shaped mirror ornaments. I wish I had more. The organza scarf on the banister was purchased at Real Deals Home Decor.

My Florentine Christmas theme even filtered into the type of bedroom furniture I chose. The furniture was purchased at Ashley Furniture. The ivory down comforter is from Herbergers and the embroidered sheets were on clearance at Kohls.

"Are you kidding me? It's ridiculous. Who lives here? The Pope?!"