Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm only going to say this once.

Prop 8 was in the news again this week. The Supreme Court of California upheld the proposition. As well it should. Regardless of what the prop is about, the voters decided. It is done.
But, my position is this: I think government should get out of the marriage business. Government should issue civil unions to everyone, gay or straight. Let churches perform marriages.
Gays pay taxes in this country they should have equal rights under the law.
By issuing civil unions to everyone, government still collects its $$, which is all it really cares about, and everyone is treated fairly.
By leaving marriages up to churches, marriage is put back where it belongs. I believe marriage is a religious ordinance, such as baptism or communion. Marriage, to me, is a promise between man, woman, and God. The State of Caleefornya, where my license was issued, does not validate or invalidate my love or covenant to my husband. We do.
By leaving marriage up to churches, that still doesn't exclude gays. There are churches out there will "marry" gay couples.
Under my plan: Gays are treated equally. Gubment still gets your $$. And marriage becomes a religious ordinance again and not a legal right. Everyone is happy!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Really, how can these both be "french cut?"

Friday, May 22, 2009

Living with Secret Agent Man

Secret Agent Man was the best guy I ever dated. That's why I married him. He fit all the qualifications: Tall, tall, and tall.

We took a real leap of faith marrrying each other. We were penpals for two years, but only had been together in the same place, er country, for two weeks before we were engaged. Three short months later we started our life together in a small ranch-style home on a culdesac backed up to the 10 Freeway in Covina, California.

Since then we have grown, matured, and developed in our rolls roles as husband and wife. But, he seems to have hogged all the good characteristics for himself. He's freaky smart, physically strong, good with money, socially acceptable and now he wants to add... funny.

He tries really hard to be funny. Almost too hard. If I want to see that guy fill to the brim with pride, all I have to do is laugh at one of his jokes.

I don't want him to be funny, though. He got all the other good characteristcs. Why can't he leave "good sense of humor" for me?

He asks, "But, Honey, can't we both be funny?"

See what I mean?! Freaky smart that man is.
No, we can't both be funny. I'm the funny one in this relationship and I like it like that.

Don't misunderstand me. The man has short comings, which I am more than willing to point out. When he does something I don't like, he'll hear,

"My next husband won't forget to take out the garbage."
"My next husband will notice when I am wearing something new."

"My next husband won't ask me to turn in receipts for a two dollar burrito."

And to this his response is,

"I gotta meet this guy!"

Okay, I give...he is the funny one.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anniethology on Idol: Finale Recap via Facebook Comments

Annie Clark Payne: I used to like that Jason Mraz song before the Idol Crack Choir sang it!

Annie Clark Payne at 7:44pm May 20
I didn't like that Keith Urban song until Kris sang it! That was a great duet!

Voices Carrie at 7:52pm May 20
Fergie's legs are like buttah!!

Pedaling at 7:53pm May 20
i'm behind you in my viewing- just watching norm right now- we started the show late so we could skip through the commercials- but i'll catch up- no worries. keep your commentary coming! oh, now it latifa

Annie Clark Payne at 7:57pm May 20
Bikini Ho got a boob job!

Annie Clark Payne at 7:58pm May 20
Won't fill the hole in your soul, Honey!

Voices Carrie at 7:59pm May 20
Kara! You go girl! Who knew she could sing?

Annie Clark Payne at 7:59pm May 20
Kara comes out and my son says, "Who's that?" Exactly.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:00pm May 20
Flashing the audience won't save your job now, Kara Dio-nobody-cares-what-you-think.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:02pm May 20
"Time After Time" that's our song!

B. at 8:02pm May 20
Mmmmm....Keith Urban.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:03pm May 20
I'm so glad Allyson didn't ruin this song for me. Secret Agent Man and I would have to pick a new song.

Voices Carrie at 8:05pm May 20
Keith a Kris too much cuteness to behold my eyes hurt!

B. at 8:06pm May 20
I haven't started watching yet...maybe I should do so before Hoss gets home from his bus-trip. Maybe it'll make me Hot for Hoss.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:10pm May 20
Danny and Lionel Richie an a surprisingly good combo. (Standing up and dancing like Paula.)

Voices Carrie at 8:11pm May 20
Loved it! I would buy the CD for sure.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:13pm May 20
Then I rewound it and danced again.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:18pm May 20
Adam and Kiss. They must read my blog.

Pedaling at 8:19pm May 20
kiss- looks like the macheen is for real!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:21pm May 20
I'm glad that song is over. Why do I feel like I need to repent?

Voices Carrie at 8:21pm May 20
Kiss on American Idol? Isn't that a sign of the Apocalypse?

Annie Clark Payne at 8:23pm May 20
Get your peanut butter!!!I can't watch TV without a remote, DVR, a laptop, and a Diet Coke.

Voices Carrie at 8:27pm May 20

Annie Clark Payne at 8:28pm May 20
Carlos Santana: Guitar solos make me sleepy. The carbotose coming over me from the cookies isn't helping either. It's the Idol Crack Choir, again.

"Idol Crack Choir and I don't care. Idol Crack Choir and I don't care. Idol Crack Choir and I don't care. They're talent's gone away."

Annie Clark Payne at 8:29pm May 20
Another perfectly good song jacked up!

Voices Carrie at 8:30pm May 20
I love me some Santana! Idol Crack Choir, not so much.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:33pm May 20
"I was born a poor black boy." This must be a lowlight for Steve Martin's career.

Megan Joy was this year's Sanjaya!

Voices Carrie at 8:34pm May 20
What's with Steve Martin and all the banjo playin'?!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:40pm May 20
Anoop would have a stellar career in Bollywood.

Voices Carrie at 8:40pm May 20
OH NO just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:42pm May 20
Both Kiss and Rod scared me as a kid. Kiss for obvious reasons. Rod, I think because to a little kid he sounds like he is about to die.

Voices Carrie at 8:42pm May 20
Poor old Rod Stewart almost biffed it...did you see it?

Annie Clark Payne at 8:45pm May 20
I thought it was an awkward little Mega Joy shuffle.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:47pm May 20
I'm going to be Tatiana for Halloween.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:49pm May 20
Please God let Whitney come out. Please Dear God!

Voices Carrie at 8:49pm May 20
and I'll be Norman Gentle.

Annie Clark Payne at 8:49pm May 20
Idol will never be big enough for Whitney.

Voices Carrie at 8:51pm May 20
Whitney will never be sober enough for Idol.

Voices Carrie at 8:53pm May 20
Finally I've been waiting all season for Adam to sing Queen!!

Annie Clark Payne at 8:57pm May 20
HA! Thanks everybody! You've been a great audience. The Clark Sisters will be here all week!

Voices Carrie at 9:00pm May 20
SYTYCD starts tomorrow yay!!!

Annie Clark Payne at 9:02pm May 20

Voices Carrie at 9:02pm May 20

Annie Clark Payne at 9:03pm May 20
I've finally picked a winner!!!!

Annie Clark Payne at 9:03pm May 20
It's hard being right.

Voices Carrie at 9:05pm May 20
Wow! I was hoping but I didn't think he would win!

Pedaling at 9:08pm May 20
i am so happy-even if i did find a an hour ago...still really really happy!

Voices Carrie at 9:09pm May 20
Stupid DVR cut off in the middle of his song

Annie Clark Payne at 9:10pm May 20
Thanks for not ruining it for me, Pedaling.

Voices Carrie at 9:26pm May 20
El Jefe came home and we're watching it all over again

Annie Clark Payne at 9:27 May 20

We lost the presidency, but won American Idol! Vindicated!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

"Blogger, Whooz Ur Daddy?!" Installment 4: Done without permission

This installment of "Blogger, Whooz Ur Daddy?!" is done without permission. Doh! I just couldn't help myself. Everytime I see Stacey's profile pic on Facebook, I think, "Ashley Judd."
I just had to put her picture through the "Idol, Whooz Ur Daddy?!" Macheen to find the origins of her patriarchy. And wouldn't you know it...patriarchy = Patrick Duffy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving

Secret Agent Man has never been much for giving gifts. I accept this about him. There are things that he accepts about me, too. But, he's never tried to kill me before.

This morning after finishing my Mother's Day Omelette, lovingly prepared by Secret Agent Man:

Me: Why is this lunch meat in the trash?

Him: Because it's old.

Me: Is that the same ham that was in my omelette?

Him: Maybe.

Me: Did you just give me diarrhea for Mother's Day?!

Him: We'll find out in a couple hours.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anniethology on Idol: Idol, Whooz ur daddy? Season 8, Part 9

Rupaul + Kiss = Adam Lambert making his mother proud!
I'm going to have to sanitize the "Idol, Whooz Ur Daddy?!" Macheen after this one. It's wheezing and sputtering. It must have a virus or a communicable disease.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogger, Whooz Ur Daddy?! Installment 3

is a new blogging friend for me. I feel so lucky because I have already met her in real life. She is an amazing blogger. She updates regularly. She has some really funny stories, loves shoes, and posts lots of pictures of her fun, fabulous life.
Of all the things I envy about her, I think it's her blog title I envy most of all, "That's What She Said." That's it. That's the name of her blog, "That's What She Said." I'm an idiot for not thinking of it first.
Sometimes when The Macheen cannot find a suitable resemblance, it opts for the essence of the person, hence Cesar. Melissa loves dogs. Cesar loves dogs. Melissa loves to run. Cesar loves to run with his dogs.

Frances Fisher (Titanic mom) + Cesar Millan = Melissa