Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My Spooky Bucket List

Here are 11 spooky things I want to do before I die.

1. Tell a ghost story so convincingly it makes people cry.
2. Explore a cave at night and warn fellow spelunkers it is the actual gateway to hell (Muwahaha).
3. Create a voodoo doll of an ex-boyfriend and use various and sundry forms of torture on it, including water-boarding in the backyard kitty pool.
4. Ask a Ouija board to help locate missing car keys.
5. Break into a house on Halloween night and steal a cake.
6. Participate in a late night tomato fight on a golf course.
7. Pee yourself from laughing too hard at a friend who gets clothes-lined at the knees while running away from opponents at said tomato fight.
8. Create a costume of a political figure that is so convincing you get confused for the candidate at their own rallies.
9. Suffer from a Montezuma's Revenge-style digestional event from eating too much candy (Not an old wives tale, that really happens. Kids beware).
10. Fall in love with George Hamilton after watching the 1979 vampire movie classic, "Love at First Bite."
11. Take a secret to the grave.

So, how's my list going so far? Wickedly well!  I only have one more to go.