Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinterest Test Lab: Experiment Brownie Dessert

I tried out this triple threat dessert I saw on Pinterest. Pretty self explanatory. Cookie dough, Reece's Peanut Butter Cup, brownie batter on top. In the oven at 350 degrees about 12 mins.
Source: via Annie on Pinterest
This is the result at the laboratory. I've named it
"Tres Muertes"
(Three Deaths)
You will die three times eating this. It is that rich. Can you say, "Got milk?"

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Don't Let Halloween Sour: My plan to help you avoid the tummy aches of Halloween

 Annie cerca 1980. I still have no problem wearing red tights with a a pink marabou nightgown.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Painting the Front Door

"Wait a minute, Annie, didn't you just paint your front door, like, earlier this year?"
 It was actually a year and a half ago, but who's keeping track?
I decided that now that fall is coming on that Aerospace Blue didn't fit the season, that and I had to cover up all the bicycle tire marks from my sons riding their bikes into the front door. Don't ask, I think you already know how that happens.
The new color is Sherwin-William's Riverway. I have a shelf full of paint in my garage that coordinates with this color and I L.O.V.E. it!
I lub it so much I painted the inside of the door Riverway, also.
You can also see that since Useless Steve was such a one-term scarecrow in the backyard, where he did a lousy job of keeping the dogs out of the garden, I moved him to front porch where he can just be "eye-candy." Good Job, Useless Steve, way to be.