Friday, June 29, 2007

Good Mail and What is Wrong with Me?

My mailbox was really happy this week! Thank you Isaura, Melissa, and Amanda (I ate the Junior Mints and popcorn before I could take a picture of it.)

What is wrong with me? I have no follow-through lately. I can spot treat, wash, dry, and fold the laundry but I can't manage to put it away! I wish I could swap household favors with someone else. I will vacuum. I will clean toilets. I will mop floors. I just need someone to come over and put my laundry away!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Charming Thursday

Clickety to read my latest article for The Daily Sentinel. It's new. It's fresh.
It's a never been seen before!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sylvan Lake: Bring your own tutor!

I just got back from a quick overnight camping trip. When I heard that we were going to Sylvan Lake, I was all excited. I thought,
"Great we get to eat smores and the kids will get a little help in math!"

Wrong! No tutors, just bears and mosquitos. We had a great time. We slept in Yurts. The kids thought they really fun. I felt like a squaw.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I've got blog envy!

I envy Rug's Bug slide show on her header.

I envy Carrot's clever one liners.

I envy NCS's mad photo editing skills.

I envy Millie's funny blog description.

I envy Elastic's ability to produce laughs and comments for posts about empty shampoo bottles.

I envy Hairy Shoe Fairies cute template.

I envy Isaura's five star playlist.

Don't see your name here? Don't worry I am sure I will get around to envying you too.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Week in Good Mail & A Question

I would like to thank Compulsive Writer, Hairy Shoe Fairy, Nikko and Catherine (visit Catherine's Happy Tags blog. They are so cute!) for the Good Mail I received this week. You ladies are fantastic!
I want to know, what is the best compliment you have ever received?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Concerned in Colorado

Dear Anyone Willing to Answer,

Recently I have seen that a couple of my fellow blog buddies, Nanette and Eve, have petitioned the blogosphere for advice on parenting. They had valid concerns and plenty of opinions and solutions were offered. I too have recently found myself in need of some advice on child-rearing.

Here is my story: I have 8 year old twin boys whom I lovingly refer to as Boy 1 and Boy2. They are the best of friends. They spend all day together. At night during the school year we have a rule that everyone sleeps in their own bed. For the most part, this has been followed, but every once in a while I will wake up to find that Boy 2 has crawled into Boy 1's bed. When I ask him why, he replies that he is scared. Now that it is summer time, I haven't stuck to the rule of everyone in their own beds. We are all staying up later and falling asleep wherever there is a free pillow.

Last night, I insisted that everyone give each other their space and sleep in their own beds. Boy 2 had an ever loving fit! He cried and wailed and gnashed his teeth and begged for me to let him sleep with his brother. I held firm and told him that his fit was not going to change my mind and it just shows me that he really needs a good nights sleep in his own bed. Boy 2 ended up crying himself to sleep.

My question: Am I being too hard on him? Is there an age where kids should not share beds? What happens if I let this go unchecked? Have you ever heard of twin boys who have grown into adulthood and still want to sleep with their brother? What do you do with your kids?

Signed,Concerned in Colorado

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What does your office chair say about your blogging habits?

Little cutie Lauren has a design blog. On her blog she linked to I followed the link and found some really great things, like their French Country items, but what really got me thinking was their office chairs. They are all so different, in style and comfort. It made me wonder what our office chair's say about us and our blogging habits.

Is your office chair country and cute, but only comfortable enough to comment on two or three blogs a sitting? An office chair like this might inspire posts about recipes, gardening, and thrift store shopping.

Is your office chair retro-cool and functional with a little light padding to visit everyone on your bloglines in one sitting? Does it's funkiness inspire clever posts? The blogger in this chair might manifest posts about obscure independent movie reviews and computer drafting.

I imagine Elizabeth W. blogging in this chair. Her fingers pressed together, her hands held to her chin, slowly rocking back and forth as she analyzes each bloggers posts. The padded armrests are in the way as she types a comment on my blog, "Annie, tell me about how you felt when you were dumped by your boyfriend because he didn't like your Judy Tenuta impression."

This is my actual office chair. No arm rests to allow for easy typing. Wide comfortable seat. Perfect for a quick check-in of my favorite blogs or for an all day laundry-avoiding blogging session. Pass the popcorn and Junior Mints.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bring in the Professional Summer 2007

Don't forget the cover up!

As a favor to me, my sister Lori, a wardrobe consultant, has agreed to write a quarterly advice column for my blogs. Here is her advice for Summer.
Super Summer Fashion Tips 2007
Here’s the list of fashion basics to help you outfit yourself easily and with style this summer season.
Well-fitted tees in the summer’s current colors (chocolate, aqua, apricot, and garnet, light pink, white and black). Don’t spend a lot of money on these, because they tend to wear out quickly. Tees are a clothing item that you wear close to the body and tend to acquire perspiration stains.
White layering cami. Buy it on-line at For you Hot Fruita Moms, the kiosk is in your local mall. Lucky Girls!
Long brown necklace made of larger wooden or resin beads. Trust me, wear this with everything and you will look great.
Knee length shorts. A big thanks goes out to the retailers who are selling these. Finally, a woman can be modest and stylish at the same time. Remember, fit is imperative to carry this look. Please, not too tight and not too loose. A stacked heel makes the whole look kicky and fresh. Try it!
White jeans. This is Annie’s number one fashion basic this summer. Need I say more?
Skirts! Long or short, circle or A-line. Wear them and enjoy them! This season I added two long gauzy skirts in brown and black to my wardrobe.
Ankle tie espadrilles. They are so cheap and fun! I bought a black and a brown pair at the Gap outlet for $9.99 each!
To top it all off, my summer basic is a white denim jacket. Find one that is tapered to fit a woman’s body and ends right at the hip. I wear mine with the gauzy skirts on a cool night and feel feminine and pulled together.
Last summer fashion tip: When purchasing your swimwear, buy the matching cover-up, sandals and tote. Nothing is sadder than an old t-shirt and baggy shorts over your latest Victoria Secret Miracle Bra Tankini. Having the whole ensemble will make you feel better even if your stylist got carried away with the bikini wax. Ouch!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Your Loving Fashionista
Lori Wynne lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area with her husband and two sons. She works as a wardrobe consultant for clients all over New England. She specializes in closet organization, personal shopping and wardrobe consultation. Her clientele include, business executives, authors, small business owners, and housewives.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Good Mail Housekeeping

Update: Thanks everyone! We have now reached our mark of 50 members! Woohoo! I will now be closing the Good Mail Girls blog to new members. Don't be sad! Thoughtfulness begets thoughtfulness. Start your very own Good Mail list.

I can't believe that we have been going for only two months. There has been so much giving and receiving already. I have really enjoyed getting to know all of you through the mail. I have loved and appreciated everything I have received. I have really enjoyed visiting all of your blogs and seeing what you have sent each other. I think we have achieved the mission of Good Mail, to keep thoughtfulness alive through the mail!

Thoughtfulness begets thoughtfulness and for that reason we have grown really fast over the last two months. I have decided to close the blog to new members at 50 members. If you have any family members or friends who are interested in joining, encourage them to do it soon. Also, there is no end to thoughtfulness and I don't own the corner on Good Mail. I think it is great to see ladies branch out and start their own Good Mail groups too.

Thank you all again. I can't even tell you how happy I am to open my mailbox and find a little something for me. It always makes my day. You ladies are the best.

Happy Blogging and Happy Good Mail!

Happy Father's Day!

Fast forward to 3:12. I love you daddy.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Guess who's spoiled!

It has been said that I have a tractor beam. I have a way of just looking at a man and gettting him to do my bidding. Today, I have hit the lowest of the lows. Just when I thought that there was nothing my Secret Agent Man wouldn't do for me. Just when I thought that I was the most important woman in his life and he couldn't resist me, Penny happened! That darned Penny the Hamster. We went out shopping this morning. I wanted a water misting system to help keep the back patio cool. Penny wanted another new house. Guess who won?

Friday, June 15, 2007

George anyone? Yes, please!

The hair is washed. The legs are shaved. I have a date with George Secret Agent Man tonight! We are going to see Oceans 13 tonight. I haven't heard much about it in the way of reviews, but I don't care if it is two hours of George and goofy sidekick, Pitt, reading the phonebook. I ♥ G.C. BIG TIME! Some say he should run for president in 08. Well, to be honest, I don't care for his politics, but I would be willing to vote for him, just to see what happens. CNN will turn into "All Clooney, all the time!" Makes me feel like a woman just thinking about it!
Show the girls some love!
SoDak Angel has a new blog, clickety here.
So does my cousin, mom2princess, clickety here.
Jeannie has written her premier blog post! Clickety here.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Charmed I'm sure...

my latest article at
for my local paper,
The Daily Sentinel.
Update: The linkie on the papers website isn't working. Sorry. I e-mailed the web editor and told him. Hope they fix it soon.
Updated Update: All fixed! Todd P. is the best! Go and have a read. Show me the love by clicking on the link. Come on don't be greedy. Think of all I have done for you;)

"Just wash it already!"

My response to Amanda's question (and it's a good one, indeed), "Why not just wash your hair?" became so long I decided to turn it into a post!

Why not wash the hair? My long hair can be time consuming to maintain. It requires more shampoo/conditioner. Harder to brush. Longer to dry. I don't do the straight look. I either hot roller or use the spiral curling iron on it everyday, hence the now famous hair fabulousness.

I very rarely put it in a pony and call it good. I feel like my face shape doesn't lend to the slicked back look of a pony. A fuller head of hair I think flatters my form;)

Fortunately, I don't have a a scalp that produces a lot of oil, unlike Secret Agent Man. Sheez! You should see his pillow. We never get confused on whose pillow is whose because his always has the light tinge of yellow.

I guess it does become a contest of sorts to see how long I can still make it look good and smell good without washing it.
My normal hair routinee is washing it every other day. On a clean hair day it gets hot rolled, on the dirty hair day it gets spiraled. The latter of which has become my signature look. Every once in awhile life will get busy and I will only have time for a quick sponge bath and I will have to skip the usual rigamaroll. (<---That's right, I just typed rigamaroll). Sometimes I will get Carronin involved in my little contest. If I remember right, she usually beats me because she does look good in a pony and that can buy her a couple extra days.
Today I used a trick I learned at Girls Camp, one of the more valuable things I learned. You sprinkle baby powder on your hair and then brush it out. This helps with the oil and the smell. You can't smell me, but I guarantee you my hair smells like a babies bottom. A freshly bathed and powdered babies bottom.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mail and More

Goodness Gracious Good Mail!

My mailbox has been really happy lately. I have been a little behind in posting what I have recieved. If you sent me something and you don't see it here, don't be mad and dump me. I love you all! Thank you Lianne, Catherine, Aubrey, Kelly, Heffalump, Elizabeth W, Jeannie (she has a new blog, show her some love), Amber, and Christi!

It's never too late to be added to the Good Mail Girls Address blog. It is a private blog, so only those participating will see your information. Just e-mail me your snail mail and your birthday and it won't be long until your mailbox is as happy as mine! Thanks Girls!

Mini Me has a dentist appt. today, so guess what I will be doing while waiting? Yep! You guessed it. I will be writing cards for Good Mail!

A Cautionary Tale

Per your request I am going to dole out a little fashion advice today. I am going to caution you on buying the babydoll style tops, like this one shown from T♥rget! I bought a top very similar to this last week. I saw it and thought, "It looks light and breezy, it looks like it can go with a lot of my looks like I'm pregnant!"

This is a very hard style to pull off. It can be cute and flattering if you get the right cut. Please, oh please, try them on before you buy. This is the second time this season I have just pulled my size off the rack and bought it. Once I got it home and put it on, it looked like maternity wear.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The ravages of war and day camp.

I spent the day at Cub Scout Day Camp. I am feeling sun burnt and shell shocked. Let's just say, I was out numbered. Our pack made the appropriate arrangements to provide one Walking Leader per five boys. I don't think all the packs in the city got the same memo. I had 17 boys in my group, only six of which were accompanied by an adult. I don't know who these parents of the other 11 boys are! Who would just drop their boys off all day and not make sure there was proper supervision?!
The term "Walking Leader" in itself is a misnomer. I was misled to believe that I would just be walking the boys from one station to another and there would be other well-meaning volunteers manning the stations in the various activities. Volunteers who were
prepared and animated and knowledgeable.
What crap! Nobody told me this would happen. I came up with the skit. I taught the boys the proper badminton serving technique. I shared my lunch with a boy whose mother (I used the term loosely) didn't pack him one. I kept 12 boys out of the line of fire while 5 shot BB guns and I shook 6 bags of "homemade ice cream" when their little hands got too tired!
I did learn something very valuable though. My boys are not nearly as obnoxious as most boys. They are not nearly as disrespectful and they are five times better groomed!
I don't think we will do this next year. We paid $70.00 to have our twins participate and the only things they got excited about was the BB gun shooting and the archery! Next year, I will just take my two boys out to the desert for target practice. I can get a bow and arrow set at the Walmart for $14.88. Let's do the math. That is a savings of $55.12!
An afternoon in the desert with my two sons, minus 300 other people's sons? Priceless.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Thanks for joining me!

Thanks for joining me at "Anniethology". I know it is hard to get used to new things, but I promise the change will be good. Hot Fruita Moms will go on, but I will writing it with my local Fruita audience in mind. "Anniethology" will be for those nearest and dearest to my heart ♥ and if you are here, that means you!