Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goodbye, Second Winter. Welcome, Spring Cleaning Projects!

 In Colorado, we have what we call "Second Winter." There is regular winter which starts about Mid-November and lasts until Mid-March. Then, we have a handful of really nice, mild, warm, Spring-like days, then WHAMO! Second Winter! Which last until about May 1st. The problem with Second Winter is that you just start feeling the motivation to accomplish some Spring cleaning and organizing projects and then the *welcome mat of motivation gets ripped from underneath you.

Now that the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I'm back to shaving my legs and painting my toenails on a regular basis, the motivation to complete some organizing projects I've been putting off has come back. I took my *Simon Malls gift card to Mesa Mall to buy some things I needed to get me going!

 Target knows me. It's in my brain. Target always knows what I am going to want and what color I'm going to want it in. My first purchase was the *new welcome (shown above). It matches my front door! How do they do that?! These colorful totes and bins just made me smile. Any winter gloomies I had lingering just went out automated sliding doors.

 My next purchase was this *handy-dandy drawer organizer. Found in the kitchen section, they are meant for the family utility drawer, a.k.a., the junk drawer, but I used it to organize my jewelry drawer in my master bathroom.

 Next stop, *hangers! My sister is a wardrobe consultant who specializes in closet organization. One of her tips is to have matching hangers. A few years ago she came to help me cull wardrobe and fine-tune my style. She filled my closet with all matching hangers. Over time, my closet has been adulterated by other types of hangers:/ I thought it was time to get back to the single-hanger style once again. She recommends these clear hangers with swivel heads.

 What a difference matching hangers make?! Right?! A little arranging by color goes a long way for a more organized look, too.

She also recommends using totes for loose items like belts and scarves and using clear bins to house shoes. Especially if you spend the $$$, on shoes you will want to protect your investment by storing them nicely.

Spring has sprung! The air is clear! No more Second Winter for me, my dear!

*Thanks to Simon Malls for sponsoring this blog post and for jump-starting my Spring cleaning and organizing projects.

**Don't miss National Mom's Night Out, May 9th, starting at 5 p.m. They'll have special prizes, exclusive discounts, and even a chance to win Country Jam Tickets!